Venezuelan Farmer Paid Man to Kill and Eat Him

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I suppose things are so dire in Venezuela people are going completely out of their minds! Way to go Socialists! Your daddy Lucifer is proud of you!

“The deceased had hired him for a funeral service, which consisted of killing him (the victim), eating part of the body and making paintings on canvas with his blood and ashes.”

Latest LY | VenezuelaIn a shocking incident which shows the dire consequences of being a cannibal, an addict killed a farmer and then ate his body. The horror does not end here, he even used the blood from the body to paint. The incident took place in Venezuela and the accused, identified as Luis Alfredo Gonzales Hernandez has admitted to the crime. Details of the story seem to be far from over as the murderer claims that the farm owner had hired him to carry out the brutal act.

The local police of the Barlovento region of the Venezuelan state of Miranda where the incident happened has dubbed the killer as ‘the cannibalistic artist’.

The agents from the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigative Body (CICPC) arrested the cannibalist after which the body’s director, Douglas Rico, shared pictures of the suspected murderer along with the paintings the accused drew, on social media.

In his post, Rico said that the man has admitted to the crime. He further writes, “After his arrest and through interrogation he admitted his guilt in the incident, stating he had quartered and eaten a large part of the human.”

The director confirmed that the man claimed that the unnamed farm owner had hired him for the crime. Rico writes, “The deceased had hired him for a funeral service, which consisted of killing him (the victim), eating part of the body and making paintings on canvas with his blood and ashes.”

Investigators have also found belongings of other people at the crime scene. They are working to find if they are listed as missing. Reportedly, other pieces of art were also found at the crime scene and forensic analysts are trying to discover if they were made from human remains.

The act can be referred to as human cannibalism in which humans eat the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. There are different types of cannibalism of which cases of sexual cannibalism have been reported in the past. Most criminologists and psychologists term such people as sociopaths characterized by selfishness, and lack of remorse.


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