Woman convicted for Murder of Daughter in attempted Exorcism

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OKLAHOMA CITY (TNS) — An Oklahoma City woman who told police she fatally beat her daughter while attempting to rid her of Satan was convicted Thursday of first-degree murder.

It took Oklahoma County jurors only 20 minutes to find Juanita Martinez Gomez, 51, guilty of killing Geneva Gomez, 33.

The jury then chose life in prison without the possibility of parole as punishment. Juanita Gomez showed no emotion during the trial.

“We think it was a just verdict. It was an incredibly heinous murder. The victim suffered quite a bit before her life was ended,” Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Lavenue told news reporters afterward. “The crime scene was horrific. It was obvious that there’d been an extensive struggle all over the house.”

Juanita Gomez told police she repeatedly punched her daughter and forced a crucifix and religious medallion down her throat because she was possessed by the devil, according to investigators.

The victim had puncture wounds to her throat, and her hair had been pulled out. She died from blunt force trauma to the face and head, according to the state medical examiner.

“She hit her daughter over and over and over,” Lavenue told the jury during closing arguments. “Geneva Gomez was fighting for her life.”

Prosecutors alleged the killing occurred Aug. 27, 2016. That day, Geneva Gomez was found by her boyfriend inside the mother’s house.

“You couldn’t recognize her face at all,” the boyfriend testified during the trial.

The victim was bloody, beaten and lying on the floor with her arms out — her body in the shape of a cross, according to testimony. A large wooden crucifix also had been placed on her chest. (Catholic Crap)

A smaller crucifix and rosary beads were lodged in her throat, and the medallion was in her mouth. The items were placed there after she died, according to testimony.

Lavenue said she believes Juanita Gomez may have staged the exorcism to make authorities think she had a mental illness or was insane. The prosecutor also described Juanita Gomez’s behavior after the murder as “wacky.”

Demonic voices

Juanita Gomez told police her daughter had been speaking in tongues in a demonic voice and had made threats, according to police. She said her daughter’s eyes rolled back in her head, police said.

Juanita Gomez also told police that when she turned the television to a Christian channel, the channels began to change on their own and a demonic voice came from the television, according to police.

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