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Satan Displays Bush ‘Hook ’em’ Hand Gesture

Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?
As they say a Picture is worth a Thousand words. So is a hand signal flashed by some one to signal to others what they are doing. Is it innocent or is there deep spiritual meaning?

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This is the true “hook um” for the long horns, not what is used below. Either way it is a sign of satan!!

Prison Planet | January 22 2005
Since our feature on the use of the Satanic hand gesture during the inauguration we have received a massive volume of E mail. We have received E mail from deaf people claiming that the signal is sign language for ‘I love you’. This is only true in the case of the thumb being extended outward (see here). As you can see from the Bush family photos, in no instance is the thumb extended outward.

Additionally, people still seem to think the signal is solely the ‘hook ’em horns’ UT symbol. We know this to be true but this doesn’t answer our primary questions.

1) If the symbol denotes Texas football or UT, why are people like Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton doing it too? They have no links with Texas.

2) Why are the Bush family so obsessed with the signal, displaying it dozens of times during both the inauguration an the evening ball?

A few times maybe we could accept, but why this many? What has Texas sports got do with a national inauguration?We have now uncovered photos where the gesture is used in a clearly Satanic context.

This is an album cover by the rock band Dio. The album is called Holy Diver. Dio’s singer is former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James. The Satan character is clearly displaying the same hand signal. Is he a fan of the Texas Longhorns too?

This is a photo of an apparent Satanic ritual. We are yet to find the source. The diablo symbol is clear again.

WOW – even King Abdullah and Putin are fans, everybody’s doing it!

Go Long Horns!

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