Huntsville Alabama murder cases in 1993 and 1998 had direct links to Satanism!

‘Hail Satan, shall offer up my mother and sister, to thee lord Satan.’

The following excerpts from an article by WHNT News 19 should serve as a warning and send up red flags to anyone reading this article. Human Sacrifice is very real and in my opinion is under reported by law enforcement and the media so they do not create a “Satanic Panic” like they have termed one in the 1980’s. My response to that would be better to have some panic, be aware and still be alive!

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In the spring, WHNT News 19 reported on the dark writings of Jeffrey Franklin, the Huntsville teen who killed his parents and tried to kill three siblings in 1998. Franklin pleaded guilty to the killings and was given a life sentence. He was up for parole this summer, but it was denied.

Discussion of the Franklin case led WHNT News 19 to Bennett.The veteran investigator recalls receiving a phone call from Jeffrey Franklin’s father.

“His dad actually called me six months before the crime, and asked if he thought having the Satanic bible was a big problem. I told him that it was,” Bennett said. “And …. course approximately six months later Jeff committed the acts of murder.”

“In Jeff’s case, he actually was, intended to sacrifice, at least two of his family members,” Bennett said. “He wrote . . . ‘Hail Satan, shall offer up my mother and sister, to thee lord Satan.’”

“Jeff didn’t write that after the murders, Jeff wrote that some time prior to the murders. So, Jeff had an intention, according to this document, to offer his mother and his sister to Satan.”

Bennett said the Satanic Bible and the “Necronomicon” were found among Franklin’s writings and drawings after the murders.

Eileen Janezic was convicted of killing a Huntsville reverend inside his church in 1993. She was arrested a week after the killing and police said she was holding a Satanic bible at the time of the arrest.

“She had a Satanic songbook, and a Satanic bible and it was very vulgar, but she would sit there and try to talk to the devil, talk to Lucifer during the trial,” McDaniel said. Read much more here.

“All the documents pointed toward Satanism, but it had very much a tint of what’s contained in the book, the Necronomicon,” Bennett said. “And this book is one that a Wiccan informant of mine would not let me bring in to her house, she said it was too evil.”

“The book has incantations and material in it that would allow an individual of like mind to go off into some type of spirit world.”

The Necronomicon, credited to American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and writers who followed him, has been derided by some as a work of fiction and a hoax, not a spell book. Lovecraft referred to it in various stories and claimed it was actually created centuries before by a character he refers to in his stories as Abdul Alhazred.

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