Loser of Election in Africa claims opponent used Witchcraft to win

This is the worst kind of Witchcraft. It is Voodoo, Black Magic and taps into the most Wicked Powers of Darkness!

Whether you believe or not that witchcraft can be used as an influence over people’s lives does not matter. The practitioners believe and move demons, the powers of darkness into action! It is what Bill,  Hillary Clinton and the demonic Quinn Clan practice!

Nairobi News – A candidate who lost inside August 8 general election wants the results nullified by the court over claims which his opponent used witchcraft to win the seat

The petitioner narrated a bizarre incident about how the said opponent gained undue advantage inside exercise by engaging the services of “four wizards”.

In his affidavit filed before the Chief Magistrates Court in Narok, Letutut Ole Masikonde who lost inside race to for the Member of County Assembly ward seat of the Olpuismori ward, currently says the eventual winner Wilfred Kiaket Kuyo, among additional things, “slaughtered a Columbus monkey” along with tied its skin on its waist.

Ole Masikonde claims as a result of This specific development, all contacts suddenly disappeared via his phone along with he was, thus, unable to coordinate his campaigns.

“On 4th August 2017, our last day of campaigns, the respondent brought along with engaged the services of four wizards,” Ole Masikonde states inside affidavit.

“They (wizards) slaughtered a Columbus monkey along with spread the intestinal remains in Olposimoru, Olemeisi, Shabaltarakwa along with Kamurar/Kukenik polling stations,” the petitioner submitted.

“They tied the skin of the Colmbus monkey on the 1st Respondent (Kuyo’s) waist like a belt. The effect was to confuse voters. The 1st Respondent commenced greeting along with hugging voters animatedly. Mysteriously, all the voters who made contact with the 1st Respondent voted in his favour,”

“The additional shocking event can be the loss of my phone contacts on my phone book along with SIM. I woke up inside morning of August 4 to realize which my phone contacts were blank! As a result, I was unable to respond to the urgent issues or get in touch with my supporters. Further, a trailer carrying my supporters overturned mysteriously resulting in injury along with hospitalization of 7 women,” Ole Masikonde claims.

This specific petition can be just one among hundreds others also involving gubernatorial, senatorial, along with women representatives filed in various courts countrywide.

Source: Nairobi News