Murder of Teenage Girl was part of a Satanic Sacrifice

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — A Missouri teenager has plead guilty to murdering another teen and says that the killing was part of a Satanic sacrifice.

Amanda Bennett, 17, changed her plea last week from not guilty to guilty of second degree murder in the death of Kaytlin Root, also 17. She told the court that she and Sebastian Dowell, 18, had decided in October that they needed to kill two people a year as part of the demonic religion.

Bennett said that she consequently “messaged a couple of depressed people” on Facebook, and when Root responded, she arranged to meet up with the girl in the park.

While the three walked along a jogging trail in Hyde Park, Bennett testified, she was advised by Dowell that it was time to carry out their plan. Bennett told the court that she struck Root with a stick, and then Dowell knocked the girl to the ground, choked her and inserted a syringe into her neck.

Dowell soon told Bennett that they needed to stab Root in order for the killing to be a “pure sacrifice.” When Bennett said she couldn’t do it, Dowell stabbed the girl instead.

According to News-Press Now, Bennett told the court that the two then stripped Root of her clothing, and when they saw the teen standing up, Dowell stabbed her again, notifying Bennett that they must cut Root’s throat.

Bennett testified that she told Dowell that she couldn’t do it, so he carried out the act himself. Read the rest at Christian News.

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