Hebraic Madness Part 1

Hey folks we need your Help!! Click Here Hebraic Madness in Christ’s Church Part 1 By: John Rosenstern There have been many streams of error that have flowed into the church over the last several decades: “The Word of Faith Movement”, “The Shepherding Movement”, “The Purpose Driven Life Movement”, “The Government of Twelve Movement”, to … Click Here to Read more

Hebraic Madness Part 4

Hebraic Madness Part 4 By: John Rosenstern History Does Judaism today resemble what God had originally conveyed in the Pentateuch? What is the foundation of the modern Hebraic Roots Movement? To answer these questions, let us examine some history. In so doing, we can evaluate which element modern Judaism and the “Christian” Hebraic Movement resemble … Click Here to Read more

Hebraic Madness Part 3

Hebraic Madness in Christ’s Church Part3 By: John Rosenstern The “Hebraic Roots Movement’s” most subtle, yet frightening, issue is its attraction to Jewish mysticism. The lure they’re using to attract Christians, and newly converted Jews, is sentimentally towards Israel and everything Jewish. Because Jewish and liberal Christian communities agree the Bible Canon can be perpetually … Click Here to Read more

Hebraic Madness Part 2

Hebraic Madness in Christ’s Church Part 2 By: John Rosenstern The Hebraic Roots Movement (HRM) also encompasses Messianic Judaism. Both are, in fact, one and the same just packaged differently in order to deceive more people. Messianic Judaism is merely a steppingstone for the Hebraic Roots Movement. The entire Movement resembles the Judaisers of Paul’s … Click Here to Read more

Hebraic Roots Movement

The Hebraic Roots is a religious movement, and note “religion”, that advocates the return and adherence to the first century walk of faith and obedience to the Torah. Its mixing Judaism with Christianity which the Apostle Paul warned about not doing. The Judaizers were coming into the early church telling those who had accepted Christ, … Click Here to Read more

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