America’s High Place Gets a New Name

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“The announcement came as Obama prepared to open a three-day visit to Alaska aimed at infusing fresh urgency into his call to action on climate change. To the dismay of some Alaska Republicans, the White House has choreographed the trip to showcase melting glaciers and other cherished natural wonders in Alaska that Obama says are threatened by warmer temperatures.”

Cynthia Pawl complied and commented (in red) this article. September 3, 2015

Ok, this is a very important event. The significance of this event is phenomenal and way above most people’s ability to comprehend. I am certain that I don’t totally understand or appreciate its totality. But, I must share with you what I see and what I found related it. I apologize for the length of this article, I appreciate that it is a lot to digest. All of this information is very relative and very important. I pray that you take the time to study all.

We will begin with the following article from powered by Investor’s Business Daily, you can view the entire article here:…competence.htm

Renaming Mount McKinley

Obama’s Insult To Competence
Investor’s Business Daily, by Editorial Posted By:Desert Fox, 8/31/2015 8:07:59 Politics:

President Obama says he’s changing the name of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley to Denali. Given President McKinley’s record on racial healing, fiscal discipline, global power and disaster response, Obama’s got some timing. Ohioans were right to take President Obama’s unilateral changing of the name of the 20,200-foot peak to Mount Denali as an insult. The mountain, North America’s highest, was named after one of America’s best presidents, William McKinley, a native of Canton, Ohio. Now, after nearly 100 years, at the current president’s whim, the mountain will be called by its Native American name. It’s not just that the decision bypasses Congress’ naming authority, as Rep. Rob Portman pointed out. It’s the timing.”

Ok. So I am confused. I thought Obama changed the name. This next article claims that Secretary of Interior Sally Jewel (keep reading, you will find the significance of lady’s this name) changed it unilaterally, on what grounds was that decision based? (the article that contained this statement has been replaced with a story that does state she did it with Obama’s support) Why suddenly was it so urgent, if the requests started in 1975?? Whether it was the Secretary of the Interior or the Current resident of the White House that changed it, they had no right to do so.

“Such naming decisions are usually made by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, which comprises experts appointed by six cabinet-level departments and other federal agencies and which evaluates proposals for new or amended names.

The board receives hundreds of requests each year to change the names of geographical features all over the country. In each case, it solicits input from the local community, local government, the state, and relevant land managers, such as the parks or forestry service. The board reviews past and current maps and historical information and votes on the proposed change.”


McKinley vs. Denali: Who Decides Names on a Map?

  1. Contrary to Reports, Mount McKinley Not Shrinking

“The mission of the board isn’t to restore historic names,” says executive secretary Lou Yost. “It’s to go along with current use and reflect local use and preference.”

Alaskans had been asking the board to rename Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in the United States, since 1975. In the face of political pressure from Ohio, the birthplace of President William McKinley, no decision had been made on the name change until this week, when Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell exercised her right to act without the board if it fails to act in a timely manner.
The Denali case was unusual—the board usually votes to approve or deny name changes within a few years. Last year, the board voted to restore Alaska’s Black River to its Native Gwich’in name, Draanjik River, after finding overwhelming support from the local community and the state.

Wow… they already have a whole bullshit website promoting this shenanigan, as of 9/1/15, same day of the change.

Behind the ‘Historical Accident’ That Led to Mt. McKinley’s Renaming The story of how President William McKinley, who never even visited Alaska, got a mountain named after him, and how it all unraveled The elite are changing and erasing history to suit their agenda. They are closing down libraries and burning records. They have taken full control of the internet, which will soon be your only source of information. This is by design, so that you have nothing to do but believe what they tell you.

These next several articles are each an account of the death of President McKinley… read very closely. Each is from a different perspective and each version is very revealing

Assassination of William McKinley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is an excerpt from the article you can read it in entirety at that link above:

“The 25th President of the United States, William McKinley, was shot and fatally wounded on September 6, 1901, (Sept 6 1901 was the eve of Leil Selichot. Selichot are Jewish penitential poems and prayers, said in the period leading up to the High Holidays, and on Fast Days.) inside the Temple of Music (Temple of course is spiritually significant, and Music: Satan was the worship leader and music is the purpose behind the design of his being) on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition (Pan the Goat God, half man/half goat, the piper and a representation of Satan; the name America actually means land of the winged serpent)in Buffalo,(a type of bull, another symbol for Satan) New York.(the original capitol and where the country was dedicated to God) McKinley was shaking hands with the public when he was shot by Leon Czolgosz,(Leon: Derived from Greek λεων (leon) meaning “lion”.During the Christian era this Greekname was merged with the Latin cognate Leo, with the result that the two forms are used somewhat interchangeably across European languages).an anarchist.(and we certainly know who is the father of anarchy) The President died on September 14 (In 1901 this was Rosh HaShannah) from gangrene (Full Definition of GANGRENE: #1. local death of soft tissues due to loss of blood supply #2. pervasive decay or corruption : rot caused by the bullet wounds. (This is not true, you will see that he actually was healing from the shots, he died from medical malpractice much like Joan Rivers) McKinley became the third American president to be assassinated, following Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and James A. Garfield in 1881.

Big Ben Parker and President McKinley’s Assassination

“A. Big Ben Parker and President McKinley’s Assassination

When U.S. President McKinley was assassinated at the Pan American Exposition, as it was first rumored a Negro was involved, Blacks all over the U.S. held their breath until certain it was not a Negro at fault. This is the story.

William McKinley liked world fairs. They were, he said, “the timekeepers of progress. They record the world’s advancement.” He had been to the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 and the Cotton States Exposition in Atlanta two years later. He did not want to miss the Pan American Exposition, to be held in Buffalo during the summer of 1901.

n September 6, President McKinley awoke early as was his custom. At 7:15 A.M., fully dressed for the day in his habitual black frock coat and black silk hat, he eluded the small Secret Service entourage that surrounded the Milburn house and took a solitary walk down Delaware Avenue. Later that morning, accompanied by a host of city and exposition officials, the McKinleys boarded a train for Niagara Falls. They visited the falls, walked along the gorge, and toured the Niagara Falls Power Project, which the President referred to as “the marvel of the Electrical Age.” After lunch the presidential party returned to Buffalo. Mrs. McKinley went to the Milburn house to rest, and the president to the exposition, where he was scheduled to meet the thousands of people who, in spite of the oppressive heat, were waiting at the Temple of Music, a large, vaguely Byzantine structure on the north side of the fairgrounds.

James Benjamin Parker, A Black Hero

No one had stayed in line longer than “Big Ben” James Parker, a six-foot six inch Negro waiter from Atlanta who was laid-off by the exposition’s Plaza Restaurant. Parker had been standing outside the temple since mid-morning in order to get into where the president was to appear. Finally, at 4:00 P.M. the doors of the Temple of Music opened and hundreds of people made an orderly, single-file procession to the front of the auditorium where President McKinley, flanked by John Milburn and his personal secretary, George Cortelyou, stood waiting. It was extremely hot in the room — over ninety degrees — and everybody was carrying handkerchiefs, either wiping their brows or waving them at the president. Anarchist Leon Czolgosz had wrapped his right hand in a handkerchief like a bandage and held it as if it were in a sling. His revolver was hidden underneath. A short, Italian man with a thick mustache caught the eye of the president’s chief of security, Foster, as suspicious. Foster quicky grabbed the man who was shocked, but harmless. He was let go. This incident distracted Foster and the other guards, by the time it was Czolgosz’s turn to shake the President’s hand. But Big Ben Parker was in line behind Czolgosz.

As the fast-moving line brought him directly in front of the president, Czolgosz shot twice. The first bullet knicked off a button on McKinley’s vest, the second tore into the President’s stomach. The handkerchief burst into flames, falling to the floor.

A secret service man’s initial eyewitness account:

“Parker struck the assassin in the neck with one hand and with the other reached for the revolver which had been discharged through the handkerchief and the shots had set fire to the linen. While on the floor Czolgosz again tried to discharge the revolver but before he got to the president the Negro knocked it from his hand.”

While Czolgosz was pounced on and beaten by the attending soldiers and guards, McKinley, amid the screeching pandemonium in the room, was carried out and several minutes later was being rushed in an electrical ambulance to the exposition hospital.

Parker clearly prevented Czologoz from firing a third time. However, it was poor medical technique not bullet which uptimately caused McKinley’s death. The wound was closed without disinfecting, even standard at that time, so McKinley died September 14 of gangrene.

ref: The True Story of the Assassination
ref: Aftermath of McKinley Assassination

McKinley died on September 14, 1901. Czolgosz was electrocuted on October 29, 1901 and “someone” then poured sulphuric acid on his face, while Czolgosz lay in his coffin, prior to a hasty burial. After Czolgosz killed McKinley, there was a crack-down on anarchists. But what happened to Parker? more atWhat happened to Parker?

Wow… this gets more and more interesting. Seems McKinley’s death may have been a sacrifice… Just like JFK. IT was not the shots that killed McKinley. It was the seemingly deliberate mistreatment of his medical condition that caused the gangrene that killed him. Very interesting. Be sure and check out the rest of the links from this website… it is very fascinating how the government tried to cover up the rescue of the president and how he died. They also tried to railroad the trial and accused Parker of being part of the attempt to assassinate the president.

Continued in Part 2   

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