Drudge: Has any Actor Become a Star Without Putting Out?

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Number celebrities coming forward about Weinstein stunning.

Question? If these Hellywood Hussy’s put out to get something in return, doesn’t that  make them Prostitutes? Barbara Walters did it to further her career. So it is not just the Hussy’s in Hellywood. Most women use their stuff to climb the ladder!  Galatians 4:16

News WarsConservative media mogul Matt Drudge took to Twitter to express his dismay over the dozens of actors leveling damning and shocking sexual allegations against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“Has any actor become a star without first putting out?” he tweeted on Tuesday.


So far, nearly 50 women, including actresses Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ashley Judd have gone public with their accounts of Weinstein’s sexually predatory behavior.

Almost as shocking as the number of victims are the number of people who knew about Weinstein’s proclivities but said nothing.

Jane Fonda, Seth McFarlane, and Courtney Love are just some in the industry that were aware of Weinstein’s crimes.

“I found out about Harvey Weinstein about a year ago and I’m ashamed that I didn’t say anything right then,” Fonda told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last week.

Even director Scott Rosenberg came forward about Hollywood’s complicity in Weinstein’s “casting couch” activities.

“Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: everybody f*cking knew,” Rosenberg wrote on Facebook.

“Not that he was raping. No, that we never heard. But we were aware of a certain pattern of overly aggressive behavior that was rather dreadful.”

“We knew about the man’s hunger; his fervor; his appetite. There was nothing secret about this voracious rapacity; like a gluttonous ogre out of the Brothers Grimm,” he added.

Drudge’s comments come after he expressed his shock about the 64-year-old director in a tweet describing a “magical evening” with Weinstein.

“Harvey Weinstein complicated. Spent magical evening with him at Soho House London talking movie music. Others always said he was pure monster,” he tweeted earlier this month.

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