It’s in The Blood Part 7


By Cynthia Pawl 7/10/16

Genetically modified humans has been the goal of the United States military since well before the 1940’s. With the aid of our modern biotechnology companies, they are making tremendous headway in the development of their Super Soldier. “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” (DARPA) has a $2 billion yearly budget for research to develop this super solider. Experimenting with the human genome, DARPA hopes to manipulate certain gene expressions. As part of their experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using mind altering drugs as well as genetic engineering to enhance the soldiers’ natural abilities.

Some of the supernatural abilities DARPA plans to endow their Super Soldiers with are as follows:

1. regrow limbs destroyed in battle.
2. To feel no pain
3. eliminate empathy so as to enhance the ability to kill without remorse.
4. become fearless
5. fight for days in battle after battle without fatigue
6. live off fat stores and therefore go for days without food
7. see in the dark
8. display expert level technical skills
9. highly accurate marksmanship
10. lift weights beyond those a trained body builder could ever handle
11. communicate through telepathy

Oh, yes, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Our military personnel are nothing more than slaves to the US Government, and their bodies and minds have been and are being used for all kinds of insane experimentation. Bless their hearts. As if war itself is not enough torture for them to suffer, they have been subjected to all manner of chemical exposure, drugs, vaccines, implants, injected with all manner of diseases and poisons. They have been traumatized and forced to perform unimaginably heinous acts. They have been deprived of sleep, water and nutrition and subjected to insanely bizarre physical, mental and emotional experimentation. It is a wonder any of them come home in one piece physically and even more of a wonder if they come emotionally and mentally stable. They have been deprived of their spiritual life support and forcibly exposed to satanic influence.
But, hey, don’t think you are going to get off Scott free, sitting back enjoying your television and video games. Who do you think all these developments the scientists are collecting all this data for are intended to be used on? Our military, prisoners, homeless, handicapped and unborn citizens have been guinea pigs, used for experimentation, so that the elite, who run the world, could learn everything they needed to know to control your every move and mold the world as they see fit. You will be ghastly surprised to learn what they have in store for you. It will make “1984”, the “Brave New World” and Hitler’s death camps look like a child’s play.

Genetically Modified Soldiers DARPA: The Mutant Wars

You may be too young to remember, but I remember, the early horror movies, and cartoons, where there would be a character known as a MAD SCIENTIST. In their laboratory, they would have a “human brain” alive, in a jar, being pumped by machines, often times conversing with the scientist. They would have an animal strapped to one gurney and a human to another, each with a metal cap on their head that had wires running from one to the other. Or, they would have a machine that you could step into, and once the switch was flipped, out the other side would come an assembly line of duplicates, of you. Each a carbon copy. Where do you think these story lines originated? Scientists have been “practicing” this stuff for years, centuries, likely even millennia. Do you think that they just one day decided to test these theories a couple times and then viola, success? And now its available? How many years and failed attempts has it taken, for science to reach this point? Watch this next video… I know the first couple minutes you have already seen, if you watched the video in the Designer Baby section… but stay with it there is so much more…
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Rise of the Super Soldiers: A glimpse into the world of Genetic Enhancement?

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Continued in Part 8  Who Wants Super Powers?

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