It’s in The Blood Part 8

GENETIC ENGINEERING – Who Wants Super Powers?

By Cynthia Pawl 7/10/16


In an age when EVERYONE is being
enhanced with SUPER POWERS,
can you afford to opt out??

I am certain that all through history, from the very beginning, there have been tales of men and women of great strength and amazing ability. With the invention of television and movies these stories have been brought to life, with modern day heroes wielding more than amazing super powers. We have been conditioned to fantasize about what it might be like if we had super powers… and just what super power we might desire.


In my preparation for this article, I decided to find out what/who was the first comic book super hero. I found the answers very revealing. These two candidates were vying for the honor. One was a newspaper comic character and one was a comic book character. They were both created within a year of each other.

Time Magazine
75 Years of the First Comic Book Superhero (It’s Not Who You Think)  By Douglas WolkJuly 05, 2010

The first superhero? –

Doctor Occult, the Ghost Detective – credited by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (died at 78)

Siegel & Shuster (S&M erotic horror books ‘Nights of Horror’)are important figures in the development and creation of costumed comic heroes. Creators of the most famous of these mythical beings, the immortal Sup erman, which propelled the superhero into the public consciousness, giving birth to the Golden Age of Comics. The first story, “The Reign of the Superman,” was about a man with superhuman powers who proceeds to conquer all of humanity.
Mandrake the Magician -Created by: ‎Lee Falk (died at 87)
Falk served in the Department of Secret Intelligence, a branch of the Office of War Information, during the Second World War, and later began to write and produce for the theatre and produced some 300 plays, including Bell Book and Candle.
Did you catch what I caught? These were both occultic characters. Does that give you a clue? All I can say is what God told me, the only thing that matters is the root. When you find the root of a thing than you have found the truth. Everything else is a cover up and a lie. So, we can assume that every Super Hero story going forward is based on Occult Magic, whether openly or secretly.

Our lives are full of characters, stories and references to super powers. The word ‘Super’, much like the word ‘Magic’ has become synonymous with all that is good. Oh that is SUPER, it’s a SuperStore/Market, there is a SuperCell, you can attend the SuperBowl, he is a SuperDad or she is a SuperMom, we love a great SuperSpy, do you want to ‘SuperSize it?’ Conditioning. Check it out for yourself, see what you find. Super powers are all the rage today.

If you run a search online for “Super Powers” you will find all kinds of information, tons of lists of possible super powers, and lots of people telling you how you have always dreamed of having super powers. I don’t know about you, but that has never been on my mind or in my dreams. I visited the following site. List25, because I thought 25 would be a good sample of the kind of “super powers” they are touting. Let’s take a look.

According to the Website List25: 25 Superpowers You Wish You Had

“Admit it – At some point in your life, you’ve run around the house in a cape, or at least thought about doing it. Don’t worry. No judgment here. There’s just something fascinating about superheroes that captures the imaginations of young and old alike. It’s fun to envision how different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own. Whether you’re a diehard superhero fan who attended the midnight premiere of “The Avengers” or you only know a little bit about superheroes, you’ve probably wished you had one of these 25 superpowers.”
Here is her list:

1. Flying 6. Immortality 11. Precognition 16. Telepathy 21. Super Indurance
2. Walk Through Walls 7. Communicate with Animals 12. Wall Crawling 17. Night Vision 22. Healing
3. Force Field 8. Super Agility 13. Weather Control 18. Time Travel 23. Super Strength
4. Mind Control 9. Time Manipulation 14. OmniLingual 19. Invulnerability 24. Invisibility
5. Super Intelligence 10. Sonar 15. Super Speed 20. Water Breathing 25. Mimicry

The brainwashed masses are clamoring for them. They can’t wait to line up to receive the first wave of “super power enhancements” the scientific community has to offer. Without even pausing to consider the possible side effects or consequences. Oh heavens, no… who would not want SUPER POWER??

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