More Than One Thousand Two Hundred Medical Conditions CAUSED by The Luciferians Kill Shot!

It is NOT a Vaccine if you don’t already know! It is meant to alter your DNA and make you into a TransHuman! To Save the Planet, Kill 90 Percent of People Off, Says UT Ecologist CHD Says Pfizer and FDA Dropped Data Bombshell on COVID Vaccine Consumers In this video a Bayer Executive Brags … Click Here to Read more

It’s in The Blood Part 7


By Cynthia Pawl 7/10/16

Genetically modified humans has been the goal of the United States military since well before the 1940’s. With the aid of our modern biotechnology companies, they are making tremendous headway in the development of their Super Soldier. “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” (DARPA) has a $2 billion yearly budget for research to develop this super solider. Experimenting with the human genome, DARPA hopes to manipulate certain gene expressions. As part of their experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using mind altering drugs as well as genetic engineering to enhance the soldiers’ natural abilities.

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It’s in The Blood Part 3

What is a Chimera?

By Cynthia Pawl 7/10/16

Once I had heard the story of the woman with the heart transplant I began to research, as I said. I found that there is actually a term for this phenomena. It is called a chimera.

A genetic chimerism or chimera (also spelled chimaera) is a single organism composed of cells from different zygotes. This can result in male and female organs, two blood types, or subtle variations in form.[1] Animal chimeras are produced by the merger of multiple fertilized eggs. In plant chimeras, however, the distinct types of tissue may originate from the same zygote, and the difference is often due tomutation during ordinary cell division. Normally, genetic chimerism is not visible on casual inspection; however, it has been detected in the course of proving parentage.[2]

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