SAMA – The Pagan Influence on Society

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What on earth is SAMA? – Pagan Influences on American Society

Cynthia Pawl  Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft  December 11, 2015

I work in the medical field. Yesterday, I received an email, from my facility’s education department. They were requesting that I sign up for a course, called SAMA Training. The email stated this was a recommended course, so it was not mandatory for me. The email also advised that attendees should wear pants, preferable workout clothes. Curious as to what the course was about, I asked around. I wanted to see if anyone else on my team had any idea. No one had a clue, though they were busy signing up. Not comfortable committing to something about which I knew nothing, I decided to search the internet for information. Wow, it was not easy to find. It seemed almost like it was deliberately being concealed. I did finally find an article and here it is:

The primary goal of the Satori method of behavior escalation is to prevent aggression from becoming physically harmful. The emphasis of the course focuses on verbal de-escalation in all interactions.

All staff at Texas NeuroRehab Center that interact with the children and adolescents are trained in Satori, and recertified every six months.

The primary principles of SAMA are:
· Personal Effects of Anger
· Nature of Trust
· Assisting Process (Five Phases to Assess Situation)
· Protection of Self and Others
· Containment Safety and Object Retrieval

Safety is the most important element in managing behaviors with SAMA.
To learn more about the SAMA methods, please visit

Well, that seemed harmless enough. However, it did not really tell me much, so I decided to check out the website. You can check it out yourself. The thing that struck me first was the Oriental symbol at the top of the page. The website did not give me much insight. It did make it clear that this course is all about Satori. I decided to look up the meaning and origin of that word. Off to Wikipedia…

Satori (悟り?) (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Korean: 오 o; Vietnamese: ngộ) is aJapanese Buddhist term for awakening, “comprehension; understanding”.[web 1]It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru.[1] In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kenshō,[2]“seeing into one’s true nature“. Ken means “seeing,” shō means “nature” or “essence.”[2]
Satori and kenshō are commonly translated as enlightenment, a word that is also used to translate bodhi, prajna and buddhahood.
D.T. Suzuki: “…. looking into one’s nature or the opening of satori”;[3] “This acquiring of a new point of view in our dealings with life and the world is popularly called by Japanese Zen students ‘satori’ (wu in Chinese). It is really another name for Enlightenment (“Annuttara-samyak-sambodhi”)”.[4][note 1]
Satori is often used interchangeably with kenshō.[2] Kenshōrefers to the perception of the BuddhaNature or emptiness. According to some authors, kenshō is a brief glimpse, whilesatori is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience.[citation needed]
Distinct from this first insight, daigo-tettei is used to refer to a “deep” or lasting realization of the nature of existence.[2]
Importance of satori
According to D. T. Suzuki, Satori is the raison d’être of Zen, without which Zen is no Zen. Therefore every contrivance, disciplinary and doctrinal, is directed towards satori.[6]
This view is typical of Rinzai, which emphasizes satori. The Sōtō school rejects this emphasis, and instead emphasizes “silent illumination” through the practice of zazen.
Attaining satori
Satori is considered a “first step” or embarkation toward Buddhahood:
Ch’an expressions refer to enlightenment as “seeing your self-nature”. But even this is not enough. After seeing your self-nature, you need to deepen your experience even further and bring it into maturation. You should have enlightenment experience again and again and support them with continuous practice. Even though Ch’an says that at the time of enlightenment, your outlook is the same as of the Buddha, you are not yet a full Buddha.[7]
The student’s mind must be prepared by rigorous study, with the use of koans, and the practice of meditation to concentrate the mind, under the guidance of a teacher. Koans are short anecdotes of verbal exchanges between teachers and students, typically of the Song dynasty, dealing with Buddhist teachings. The Rinzai-school utilizes classic collections of koans such as the Gateless Gate. The Gateless Gate was assembled by the early 13th-century Chinese Zen master Wumen Hui-k’ai (無門慧開).

Wow, certainly I had learned enough to know that this is not something I would participate in voluntarily. I decided to share my discovery, with my workmates, who were all happily completing their registration. One lady asked what the course was about, and someone laughingly responded “it is your ninja training”. I said, “Don’t laugh, that is pretty accurate”. They all turned and looked at me like I was crazy. When I tried to share what I had learned, they just shut me down. They did not want to hear it. One lady said that, since I did not have patient contact, I could excuse myself, but for them it was mandatory! Whoa… that is disconcerting.

This type of thing has been a major contributing factor to the downfall of our nation. Mysticism, witchcraft, eastern religion, Satanism and a whole host of pagan practices have become so commonplace in our nation that people just accept them as normal. We see people embracing martial arts, meditation, yoga, astral projection, voodoo, spell casting, animal sacrifice, cutting, piercings, tattoos, magic, channeling, child sacrifice ( abortion), beastiality, every kind of sexual perversion, torture, UFOlogy, and who knows what else.

In our modern, western, technically advanced society, we have been far removed from spirituality for such a long time. Even in our Christian Churches, the “Spirit” has not been welcome. We have a “form of godliness, but denying the power thereof” 2 Timothy 3:5. This has left us with a huge void. A void that was meant to be filled by the power of the Creator. Because we have denied the Power of the Holy Spirit, we have been ineffective and subject to all manner of evil. We have not taught our children how to stand in the Power of the Blood and the Name of Yeshua/Jesus. Spiritual Warfare has not even been mentioned in our churches. So, being left powerless, folks have turned to anything that promises them some kind of power, some control over their lives and circumstances.

As the world became smaller and smaller, through technology, we have been exposed to the spiritual influences of nations and peoples about whom we previously had little to no knowledge. Without full comprehension of the roots and meaning of these practices and rituals, we have been easy prey. Many have fallen under the spell and influence of demonic spirits, through ignorance.

Our western culture has taught us to be very open, accepting and inclusive. With our cultural revolution we have turned our back on traditions and old fashioned morals, in search of “self fulfilment”.

Through experimentation and indulgence in pagan rituals, practices and beliefs, our nation has completely embraced the darkness. The majority seem to have turned their back on the Judeo/Christian values that created our nation and provided the freedoms we enjoy. We have been enjoying the provision and protection of the Creator for so long that we no longer even recognize his blessings. Modern Americans have no idea what it was like to live in darkness, subject to demonic influences and attacks. That is rapidly changing and we are seeing the fruit. This is the reason for the increase in violence and erratic behaviors that is plaguing our nation.

God is separating the Sheep from the Goats and the sheep are outnumbered. It is overwhelming sometimes to see how quickly the world around us is descending deeper and deeper into darkness. Oh, how they love the lie and hate the truth. How they embrace the darkness and worship death. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people really are choosing that path. It boggles the mind. Well, it boggles the minds of those who truly belong to the Creator. It really should come as no surprise, because Jesus told us that those who would be saved are very few. Matthew 7:13 13…for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

It is hard to fathom, but the greatest majority of the world are never going to join our team. God knows that they were never going to choose his path. There is nothing we can do to change that. They do not want to hear the truth. They do not want to know the way to righteousness. They love their wicked ways and the darkness that enables them to indulge in their sinful desires. They see us a hindrance. We are standing in the way of what they see as the perfect world. We are ruining their fun. They reject the Christian/Judeo morals.

Most of those who are falling away from the faith in these modern times, were never really converted/saved. They were nominal Christians. They had head knowledge of the plan of salvation, but never were their hearts surrendered to him fully. There are not many who really truly are willing to die to self and pursue a true relationship with the savior and the creator.

Continued in Part 2 Destroyed from the Inside

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