SAMA – The Pagan Influence on Society

What on earth is SAMA? – Pagan Influences on American Society

Cynthia Pawl  Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft  December 11, 2015

I work in the medical field. Yesterday, I received an email, from my facility’s education department. They were requesting that I sign up for a course, called SAMA Training. The email stated this was a recommended course, so it was not mandatory for me. The email also advised that attendees should wear pants, preferable workout clothes. Curious as to what the course was about, I asked around. I wanted to see if anyone else on my team had any idea. No one had a clue, though they were busy signing up. Not comfortable committing to something about which I knew nothing, I decided to search the internet for information. Wow, it was not easy to find. It seemed almost like it was deliberately being concealed. I did finally find an article and here it is:

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