Satanic Temple Denies Obvious Satanic Sacrifice

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Satanic Temple: there is ‘absolutely no supporting evidence to assume involvement’ in Detroit charred goat incident

Jon Watkins   Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft  September 11, 2014

Doug Mesner founder of the Satanic Temple says “when he first heard of the Detroit goat, he looked up some Biblical passages from the Old Testament about goat sacrifice. He found one in Leviticus 23:18: “Present with this bread seven male lambs, each a year old and without defect, one young bull and two rams. They will be a burnt offering to the LORD, together with their grain offerings and drink offerings—a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the LORD.”

“Apparently burning a goat is a Christian ritual, not a Satanic one.”

A correction to this article is needed as I have been in contact with the Satanic Temple and they say the above quote is not from Mr. Mesner, but that of the author Lee DeVito. This drew a lot of…. lets say passionate response from some folks at the Satanic Temple I was in contact with.

I may need to go and get some Holy water sprinkled on me now to repel the curses that they will be sending my way. And I am being sarcastic so don’t freak out guys.

My mistake and an apology and correction are due. Not only were they complaining about that, but also about a couple of misspelled words. I rely on spell checker and if it misses them……

Whoever said it or thinks it, animal or any other sacrifice is found nowhere in the New Testament. Animal sacrifice is not a “christian thing”. Jesus is the only sacrifice you will find other then Paul saying in Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Yes, its in the Old Testament as that was what God prescribed as the way for covering of sin. If you have a problem with that, talk to God as he is the owner of all things in Heaven and on Earth! When Jesus was Sacrificed on the cross, his shed blood TOOK AWAY sin. I just assumed that Mr. Mesner had said it as it was at the end of his quoting Leviticus. There are many more scriptures about the sacrifice in the old testament and what people do not understand is, the sacrifice pointed to and represented what Jesus would do on the Cross of Calvary.

What they found is probably some stupid teens who are dabbling in the Occult and were trying to perform a sacrifice to satan whom YOU say does not exist.

First, What is a Satanist doing with a Bible and quoting Scripture? If you’re going to use and quote it please take time to read ALL of the text related to the sacrifice in old testament times. Maybe you will learn something.

Second, there were NO Christians in old testament times. The term Christian came into existence only after Jesus died on the cross. indecently, he died for YOU too Mr. Mesner.

Third, if you will read how the sacrifice was to be performed and not just pick out a scripture to suit your needs, you will see that it was to be placed on the Altar and burned COMPLETELY, not partially. Again its probably just wanna be punks getting thrills

Fourth , if you take time to READ the article you will see that “There is a rope around the goat’s neck and two white chalk circles around the body” Drawing circles around it in a ritual is the way of Satanists and Wiccans Mr. Mesner. Accept the facts Mr. Mesner, I know lying and deception are in your creed but anyone with half a brain can see your grabbing at straws!!

By Lee DeVito Metro Times Wed, Sep 10, 2014

Back in August, Fox 2 reported that a dead, charred baby goat was found near Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center. Fox 2 spoke with employees who found the body, who reached the conclusion that it must have been the work of Satanists. “There is a rope around the goat’s neck and two white chalk circles around the body, leading them to believe someone tried to sacrifice the goat in a possible satanic ritual,” the report read.

With the Satanic Temple currently in town setting up their first chapter house in Detroit, MT reached out for a statement regarding the assumption that the goat carcass was a part of some ritual sacrifice.

“There is no known recognized Satanic doctrine that prescribes animal sacrifice,” Satanic Temple spokesperson Doug Mesner tells us via phone, noting that the Satanic Temple is anti-superstition and anti-animal cruelty.

According to Mesner, this sort of knee-jerk response is typical. “They didn’t talk about any forensic analysis or anything,” he says. “They just got a quote from a local who had seen the body. They only seemed to know that the animal was dead — it wasn’t confirmed that the gutting and burning weren’t done post-mortem. That was apparently all the expertise Fox 2 needed to run a headline that an animal that was found gutted and burned was part of a Satanic sacrifice.”

Mesner says he was previously contacted by a reporter from Oklahoma covering a story about cattle mutilations sighted in the area. “I was just disturbed that they didn’t even use the power of Google,” he says. “You had people driving by who didn’t understand what the decay process looked like. They would see what they thought were incisions, organs missing — and they didn’t realize that body bloat … that the skin would break and give the appearance of incisions. Ears and eyes would be missing, and they’d think they were surgically removed.”

Mesner traces this sort of response back to the Satanic Panic of the ’80s and ’90s. “It was a rampant, modern witch hunt. It ruined countless lives in the United States alone,” he says. “It was an embarrassing throwback to Medieval social purges, but it still provides the factual background for what people think they know about Satanism.

“I really think that the Satanic Panic, the way it happened, the way it spread — it really should be required learning for journalists, because inappropriate journalism did a lot to spread these conspiracy theories,” he adds.

Detroit Satanic Temple chapter house leader Jex Blackmore notes there are at least four slaughterhouses within three miles of the site of the goat remains, several of which sell whole goats. “The Russell Industrial building houses artist studios, and it’s certainly not a far stretch to think that perhaps the findings were the result of some kind of art project (à la Hermann Nitsch?),” an aspect of that story that Blackmore says “went remarkably unreported.”

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