Satanic Temple are just “Wannabe Satanists”

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Interviews with other Satanists confirm the satanic temple are just atheist wannabe Satanists.

Jon Watkins  Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft  September 16, 2014

Excerpts from an article in the Detroit Press confirms what I deduced about the Satanic Temple in the first two postings above.

They are really atheists mixing nature worship, which is witchcraft into their hodgepodge belief system. They take on the label Satanist for the shock value, to gain attention and free advertising! Here are a few excerpts from the Detroit Press and on a side note, the author just could not resist taking a swipe at the Tea Party including them and thereby linking them with Satanists. Liberals, the heathen, are very deceiving!

Here is a quote from the leader of the wannabe leader of the satanic temple Doug Mesner in the interview By Lee DeVito Metro Times Wed, Sep 10, 2014 .

“There is no known recognized Satanic doctrine that prescribes animal sacrifice,” Satanic Temple spokesperson Doug Mesner tells us via phone, noting that the Satanic Temple is anti-superstition and anti-animal cruelty.

Well Mr. Mesner, according to the following statements you need to be schooled a bit more about real Satanism. True Satanists DO believe Satan is real, DO sacrifice goats, and I would suspect that much more than just goats!!

‘Tea party Satanist’ bristles over Detroit temple’s left-leaning ways by Robert Allen Detroit Press Sept. 15, 2014

A new Satanic religious group that debuted in Detroit this month already has encountered outspoken opposition: other Satanists. But some of the loudest opposition to the Satanic Temple in metro Detroit has been from other Satanists. The Satanic underworld, like virtually all other religions, contains groups firmly in disagreement. Even the Church of Satan, claiming thousands of members worldwide, is quick to distance itself from the Satanic Temple, despite agreement on atheism, individualism and affinity for pentagrams.

The Rev. Tom Erik Raspotnik, 49, of Oxford decries the Satanic Temple’s atheism and progressive ideals. He said his Temples of Satan honors the deity of Satan, and he and others with him are pro-life and believe in animal sacrifices. “I would be like a tea party Satanist,” Raspotnik said, adding that he has participated in tea party events, but that people at the events might not have known he worships Satan.

Further down at the end of the article they quote Tom Erik Raspotnik saying….

The Temples of Satan, however, worships Satan: They exchange blood in marriage rituals, practice magic and even sacrifice goats, Raspotnik said, adding thathe’s taken part and eaten the goat afterward. “I’ve also just killed a goat and buried it,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s that phenomenal to eat.”

Cindy Fleming owner of the Temple of the Ancient Dragon had this to say about the Satanic Temple according to the Detroit Free Press.

Fleming spoke warmly of Satanism but said the Satanic Temple has no business speaking on behalf of her religion. “An atheist is what?” she said. “They don’t believe in anything, any religion — so why are they using a religion to do it? That is hypocritical, it’s an oxymoron and it’s not even credible.”

Jesper Aagaard Petersen, a Satanism expert and associate professor of religious education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway had this to say.

Petersen said he hadn’t heard of the Temples of Satan, but that there have been a number of “small theistic groups popping up online, with few members and a vocal leader.” Alas, all who call themselves Satanists have a number of attributes in common, Petersen said. All Satanists are “at least adversarial to social mores and “herd mentality,” often embracing individualism, creativity, reason, freedom and sexuality, the “dark side” and the occult, Petersen said in an e-mail. “We see nothing of value in the actions of this handful of individuals,” High Priest Magus Peter Gilmore of the Church of Satan said in an e-mail.

Petersen said some “unaligned Satanists” find the Satanic Temple’s projects, such as adopting highways, amusing. “You have to understand, though, that the Satanic Temple is really underplaying the Satan angle and focusing on the atheist and free speech/religion issues in general, which has garnered a lot of support,” he said.

One thing is for sure, they are self-styled but have a common denominator, Satan. They are confused just like the evangelical community. There are 300 different kinds of Baptists, multiples of different kinds of Pentecostals, Roman Catholicism and its offshoots, who say that they have the only correct belief. It’s enough to make a person go mad. The world of witchcraft is no different with hundreds of self-styled covens.

Another thing is for sure, Jesus and the Gospel are hated in the satanic, wiccan, pagan, and some evangelical communities!


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