Satanists drink girl’s blood and decorate ‘satanic altar’ with man’s skull after Sacrificing four

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The Satanists lured their four victims by promising a booze-fuelled party and carried out Satanic Rituals after murdering them!

Mirror UK – Iguatu Brazil -Devil worshippers slaughtered four people in satanic rituals believing human sacrifices would give them with mystic powers, money and control over women, it is claimed.

The three killers drank a victim’s blood during macabre rituals, beheaded a teen and decorated a ‘satanic altar’ with a man’s skull, say police.

The suspects, described as “psychopathic serial killers” by police, buried their victims in shallow graves and had planned to execute more people.

They are accused of luring the four to a house, where the promised a booze-fuelled party but instead shot each one dead before dismembering them.

Three women and two men narrowly escaped a similar fate after turning down the invitation.

Gruesome images show police discovering the bodies of Francisco Lima, 41, Jheyderson de Oliveira, 24, Mikael Melo, 18 and Jaqueline da Silva, 17, at the home in the rural village of Iguatu, Brazil.

Suspects Roberto Alves, 41, and Gleudson Barros, 30, have been arrested on charges including murder, while their alleged accomplice, 17-year-old Samio Bessa, is said to have taken his own life.

Jaqueline’s body was found buried in a small dirt-floor room, with her severed left hand discovered in thick salt in a pot.

Handfuls of the gross mixture had been thrown around the house and over the outside walls of the property owned by Alves.

The other teenage casualty was allegedly decapitated after being slaughtered. His skull was found set in a slab of concrete embedded with chains surrounded by a ring of protruding bolts.

The grisly specimen was allegedly arranged on an altar alongside satanic-related sculptures and “objects and books linked to practising black magic rituals”.

Detective Marcos Lira said: “All the victims were tortured with stabbings, burns to their body and beatings before being killed in the same way, with a cloth placed over their heads then shot twice in the back of the neck and side of the head.”

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