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Vampirism, Zombies and Gothic’s

With the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14 2012, I have updated this page to include Gothic’s seeing how there is really not much difference.

Most of these mass shootings can be attributed to a few simple facts that you can see at a list of Mass Murderers

How can you tell if someone is into the “Goth Scene?”

You can identify who are the extremes just by the way they dress. Wearing all black clothing, light colored makeup on the face with dark eyes, unusual hair styles, body piercing, chains and other symbolic jewelry. The wearing of symbols such as a Christian cross; an Egyptian ankh or “Eye of Ra,” or “Eye of Horus;” a Wiccan pentacle, a Satanic inverted pentacle and the like. See signs and symbols

They gather together in the Punk Rock scene that sings of rebellion, anarchy and death.

Many Gothic’s write about being depressed. Followers seem sullen and withdrawn. They are usually the brainy, nerd type who have a hard time making friends and tend to shy away from “normal” people.

Most Kids turn to the Gothic subculture while having a hard time in school. They feel alienated and looking for a way to be accepted and seek out like minds. They want to be shocking.

They have a fascination with death. Perhaps its a quest for immortality and that is why many are into Vampirism.

Gothic’s are into playing role playing games and video games such as Doom and other Murder based Games. Most watch horror movies that are mainly based on killing and blood letting.

The Vampire scene is pretty much the same dress wise
In past movies, we have seen hideous interpretations of vampires. For example, the movie Nosferatu, made in 1922. He is bald with pointy ears and ugly fangs. The vampire films of today have an enticing new look. The vampires are often portrayed by some of the biggest stars in film today. This new trend may have some effect on the growing obsession of vampirism. Their lifestyles are glamorized in such a way that being a vampire or part of their forbidden world, doesn’t look so bad. In fact, it looks and sounds exciting. The glamorization of vampires by TV and Hollywood, only further emphasizes the appeal.

See an updated list in Hollywood’s obsession with the Occult

“Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”.The show has been on for three seasons and has a large following. Buffy fan’s watch faithfully every week to keep up with the latest on Angel and Buffy. The show doesn’t portray all vampires in a glamorous way, but Angel, the main vampire is a very attractive man, and he is a good vampire now because he was given a soul. Here are some more movies the help spread the vampire craze.

Interview with a Vampire. Hollywood has a new twist, and that is making vampires sex symbols. They have the big names, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderes. This new look that vampires have attained has an influence on society’s image of vampires. Now instead of evil, they have a strange attractiveness and charm. They are so dark and mysterious that it’s sexy. In movies today, they are so bad, but people can’t help but be strangely drawn to them. This is a draw of Satan.

Blade. In this film, vampires live the good life. They live in a New York high rise apartment, with all the luxuries of the elite. Once again, the vampires are all attractive people and Steven Dorff as their leader. People watch the film and you want to be one of them. Teens are especially affected.

Dracula.. dead and loving it. In this one, Leslie Neilson is the star and makes vampires look fun and happy. The dark side is no laughing matter. Satan is the one who is laughing because so many souls will be condemned to hell.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Francis Ford Coppela took Bram Stoker’s novel to create this demonized film. Gary Oldman portrays Stoker’s evil character by presenting a man who is equally as seductive as he is evil and terrifying.

John Carpenter’s Vampires The latest film from the “master of terror” also follows the new look and charm of vampires. The vampire in the film is once again very attractive and has control over his female victims. The style of the film is a cross between the traditional vampire genre with a western flair that keeps the story current.

There are many more films about vampires and are to numerous to list. Satan has many schemes to lead unsuspecting and curious people into the trap of occultism and spiritual death, and movies are not the only way. Books on the subject may be the biggest draw.

Perhaps one of the most influential people today in the world of the so- called Vampire, is Anne Rice. There seems to be a deep fascination with evil, blood, and death. It seems to be the norm as one researches web sites and books on the subject. Anne Rice in an interview on ABC I believe it was, in Oct. 98 just before Halloween, said she did not believe that Vampires exist, but in her works she draws from her life experiences.

Vampires claim to be immortal and have no soul. There are several type’s or so they claim. All have a need for blood and killing seems to be the norm. Man can seem to make and copy most things here on earth. We can clone sheep and I am sure someone is trying to make a human. But the one thing man cannot do is make blood. It gives life and God is the one who gives it. Perhaps that is why there is such and obsession with it.

It seems that every talk show has, or has had teens on that are into the “Goth” scene. Gothic’s are a group that have a multitude of accessories. Many that have been seen on TV or in everyday public, seem to have a need to be as bizarre as one can get. Wacky hair styles and colors, Ear rings hanging from place’s on the body not meant to have holes in them, and of course, clothing that belongs in the dumpster. Females, and some males as well, put on makeup that gives them the appearance of something out of the horror movies they watch. They do this out of rebellion. They do this to draw attention to themselves. Satan has control of their minds and they don’t care what they do. But the saddest part is, they have an obsession with death. Many confess it is all they can think about. Some get so caught up in the lie, death has no meaning. Some believe you are reincarnated or go on to other dimensions. Problem is they find out there is a heaven and hell to late. As long as the church keeps a deaf ear to Occult activity, more and more children and young adults will be lured into Satanism and Witchcraft. And as long as there are those like Anne Rice and Stephen King to glorify it, more will become entrapped in Satan’s snare. There will continue to be school shootings and suicides along with more crime and broken families. Vampirism is just simply someone demon possessed… nothing more!! Here are some articles that appeared in the paper…..

And the idiots say its harmless!!!!

Killer obsessed with vampires
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