Scientists capture mysterious hum from deep inside the Earth

But no one knows what it is I can tell you what it is. It is the groans, the screaming, the weeping and gnashing of teeth of those who are being held in Hell awaiting the Great White Throne Judgment when they will be cast DIRECTLY into the lake of Fire! Matthew 13:50 “And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” See What will Hell be like? A Glimpse of Hell: Part I – Part 2 Scientists have captured a mysterious hum coming from deep inside the Earth, but they are

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Glimpse of what HELL for the Pedophile, Harlots, and Sexual Perverts in the Sodomy State!

The only thing that might be as good news of the President officially declaring that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel is, Los Angeles California is on fire! 405 Freeway reopens as 150-acre Skirball fire continues to burn in the Sepulveda Pass The LORD is giving people time to get out and repent before HE triggers the big earthquake that will put an end to the depravity and filth coming out of that Hell Hole! Highway to Hell! Terrifying video shows drivers on their way to work in LA passing hills covered with flames in the midst of raging wildfires

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Hell is Really Really Hot!

Nearby earthquakes are opening up Africa’s ‘Gateway to Hell’ volcano NASA satellite imagery has spotted new cracks opening up near Africa’s ‘Gateway to Hell’ – more officially known as the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia. Scientists think nearby tectonic activity is causing large amounts of lava to spill out of the large, flat shield volcano, which features two lava lakes that have been bubbling and burning for decades.