The Sexual Addict Cure Hollywood Style

The Treatment? Horseback riding, practicing yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and mindless meditation is the program for curing Homosexuality and Pedophilia?

NOT!!!!! With the EXCEPTION of horseback riding and maybe acupuncture, all the other crap is New Age Witchcraft and will invite in MORE demons to reinforce the Ancestral Demon that was handed down to the SINNER. It WILL NOT CURE anyone! Only the forgiveness of SIN by asking Jesus Christ into your life will CURE you and set you free from the bondage!

Judi McLeod Canada Free Press – Poor Kevin Spacey, who made serious LGBT enemies when he came out as gay after the first allegation of sexual abuse against him unexpectedly floated up to the surface.

Having turned himself in at same Arizona rehab facility attended by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein the go-to clinic for sexual addiction, Spacey will spend his time horseback riding, practicing yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and on “mindless meditation” at the clinic while taking the cure.

As the rehab center, called the Meadows, is in the Arizona desert, only the cactus is at risk with both Weinstein and Spacey on the loose.

But mothers who dream of sending their over-sexed, “toxic male” sons in because of worrisome sex addiction behavior would need to be able to fork out $36,000G a month.

Had any of those sexually harassed Hollywood stars only known there was a cure for sex addiction, they would have sent Horrid Harvey there 20 years ago.

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