Word of Faith Fellowship Church running Slave Ring

Brazilian Immigrants brought over as Slaves

Dave Hodges CSS – An AP investigation reveals the Word of Faith Fellowship church in North Carolina used two congregations in Brazil as a supply of young laborers who were forced to work in the U.S. for little or no pay while being subjected to physical or verbal assaults.

Word of Faith Fellowship is accused of luring young people from Brazil and forced them to work in North Carolina as slaves. The church, based in the small town of Spindale, is the subject of an Associated Press investigation.

This cult was founded in 1979 by Jane Whaley, a former math teacher, and her husband, Sam, a former used car salesman. The church has about 750 members in North Carolina and nearly 2,000 in Brazil and Ghana, and it has  affiliations in Sweden, Scotland as well as several other countries.

The Common Sense Show has learned that law enforcement has suspected ties to organized child-sex-trafficking. However, the FBI and the CIA have interfered in local investigations. Here is the story.

Posted with permission from Dave Hodges.