Lucifer and His Minions Attack on America

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Satan attacks his final target: America


Kari Lee Fournier – Suddenly, the world has changed. It seems surreal, and this transformation happened overnight. A pandemic comes onto the world scene, and license is given to run the world a certain way. The globalist way. The Progressive, secular way.

Why is this happening? And what can we do about it?

There is a conniving operator at work, furiously at his task, who was given the keys to planet Earth after the fall in the Garden of Eden. And that scheming and vile creature is Lucifer himself. And he knows that he has but a very short time until all hell breaks loose on the earth, in the form of God’s ‘Period of Wrath’…otherwise known as the Great Tribulation.

Yes, Satan has been busy at work as stealthily as ever, conniving and deceiving, using people to do his dirty work. He has infiltrated many nations of the world, and now has his sights on the United States of America!

Why America? Because America was founded upon the Almighty God of the Bible’s Holy principles and laws. Its Declaration of Independence declares that the people’s rights are granted by God, not by man—and its Constitution then does its best to enumerate these God-given rights.

It’s no accident that America has become the most prosperous and noble nation ever established these past 245 years. In most fledgling, developing countries, sooner or later the selfish few go to the top, and persecute those below. This is human nature. But the fact that the USA follows God’s laws, which are threaded throughout its legal system, has made it a resounding success by every measure.

Enter one fallen Archangel who hungers to be God—or at least to thwart God’s plan for salvation for all. And Satan is using Socialism/Marxism/Communism, call it what you will, to bring about his diabolical plan for these wonderful and honorable United States of America.

Listen closely to how this is happening right before our very eyes in real-time. To begin with, if you do your homework, you’ll see that this Communist movement began about 100 years ago. It was thwarted with our victory in World War II, but since then, Satan has regrouped and changed his tactics.

Remember back in 1971, all of the bombings? When the Democratic Socialists and the Communist Party USA and other affiliated groups bombed 1,900 buildings—we saw 5 bombings per day—and then in 1972 bombed 600 buildings? At that point, they gave up, and…now listen closely…decided to go through media, education, and entertainment.

They also decided to take over the role of ‘Mom’ in the household. Remember that old saying: ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’? They began pushing via any outlet possible the idea that the Mother should work outside of the home—that in order to really ‘get anywhere’ in life, this is a necessity. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff, right?

Keep in mind that the Communists had already gotten a very strong foothold during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s tenure. FDR’s right-hand man for all of his four terms, Alger Hiss, was convicted of perjury in 1950 in connection with spying for Russia—but the statute of limitations had run out. If you don’t believe this, look it up. As mentioned earlier, be a Berean, and do your homework.

In 1963, the 45 current Communist goals entitled ‘Rules of Communism,’ which were gathered by the FBI in the 1940’s and 1950’s, were presented to the Congressional record. Look them up, and read them. It will send a chill down your spine when you realize how close they already are to accomplishing every one of these goals. And while you’re at it, look up the 1936 Russian Constitution, where you will see many more parallels to the current USA Progressive/Democratic Party platform.

But getting back to FDR, his right-hand person was indeed a Communist operative. This is when Communism really infiltrated America. These Marxists told us what they tell everyone whom they finally dupe, that they would create a Utopia on Earth.

“This type of socialism is democratic, and is different from all of the failed types of socialism tried before,” they tell us. But they never have created Utopia, and they never will.

These promoters of socialism offer something for nothing, where virtually everything is free—but of course that doesn’t work in the real world, where the money has to come from somewhere. Sooner or later, folks find out that you get the same paycheck for less work—and people lose all incentive. Then government steps in and forces work, and then, finally, that force involves the end of a gun barrel being pointed at the people—enter Socialiam/Communism.

Right now in America, the most popular book given out in most colleges is entitled ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ Yes, your children and grandchildren have been indoctrinated. Seventy percent of those 35 years old and younger want socialism. Thirty-two percent want Communism.

These colleges teach the Communist principles, but do not teach about the slaughter of the 20th Century in 70 different countries of the world. These college students are told that Cuba is great, but that of course is a blatant lie. Missionaries who regularly go to Cuba consistently report on the horrible conditions of misery and poverty there.

‘The 1619 Project’ is taught, as well—whereby America’s founding fathers and its roots are vilified, and students are taught to focus on America’s sin of slavery. The truth is, however, that virtually every country in history had slavery at one point.

It’s also true that in 1774, King George III vetoed every anti-slavery law in America. That’s what caused Thomas Jefferson to write a clause in the Declaration which favored ending slavery. Once America was free from the British Empire, the ending of slavery began. By 1800, every northern colony had abolished slavery in America!

However, George Washington and the other founders who favored abolition knew they could not immediately end slavery in the United States and still have a United States. They would have instantly lost all of the Southern colonies, weakened the unio, and wound up without a nation. That’s why Washington favored a gradual end to slavery.

Thus, from the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791 to 1808, the slave trade lasted a total of 17 years in the United States of America. Ending slavery altogether would take a civil war and the lives of 600,000 Americans, 57 years later. No other nation gave so much of their blood and treasure to end slavery. Remember that!

But the indoctrination in our school system does not end there. College students have been taught that the only way to true success in life is the overthrow of the United States government. Those groups that support Communism look for any perceived ‘mistake’ made by the government, such as the George Floyd murder, and use it spread propaganda against government and all authority.

These Socialist promoters look to Vladimir Lenin’s teachings. Lenin is the dominant leader in Communism, the one that they revere. Listen to the chilling words of this monster in 1920: “First, we will take Eastern Europe. Next, the masses of Asia. Then we shall encircle the last bastion of capitalism, the United States of America. We shall not have to attack; it will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” These evil purveyors of Communism also use the ‘social justice’ movement to adopted Christian terminology, so as to infiltrate and then overtake the Christian Church with a new ‘social gospel.’

These Communist/Marxists use those who blindly follow them, such as the current Progressive Democratic Party, to advance their agenda. Lenin called these people that they exploit ‘useful idiots.’ These Communist advocates also say, and truly believe, that if a lie advances their cause, it is not a lie, but rather ‘a Marxist truth.’

Besides taking over education, these agents of Communism also have taken over entertainment and media. We know what Hollywood has become, in terms of lack of morality or conscience, but the main news/information stations are now run by these nasties, as well.

Are you aware that there are only six corporations that control all of the news/information? These are GE, Viacom, Newscorp, Disney, CBS, and Time Warner Cable. And let’s not forget the tech companies like Twitter and Google and Facebook. As a general rule, you will not see anything that does not serve the Progressive/Democratic agenda on any of these outlets.

Currently, there has been a shutdown of the corruption scandal involving Presidential-hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter. There is now blatant evidence of this corruption, and even an eye witness—that being the business partner of these two shady characters—but there has been zero mention on these outlets. Did you ever think that you’d see a dishonest media blackout like this in America?

The plain truth of the matter is that these Progressive, Communist/Socialist-promoting people and outlets want power. Because they are following Satan—some knowingly, and some unknowingly.

They use every method possible to endorse their Progressive, Socialist, anti-American agenda. For example, the Coronavirus. With Covid, as with George Floyd’s murder, remember that the issue is never the issue. The issue—and write this down for future reference—is always ‘The Revolution.’ And right now, that revolution is focused upon converting the USA to Socialism/Communism/Marxism.

These deceivers will tell you that only conflict produces change. Hence, the mayhem and social disorder in the streets. Ninety-five percent of the cities that have fallen to these culprits, and to their advocating of police defunding, are Progressive/Democrat cities. Look it up.

But again, the strings are actually being pulled by Satan. And we know that Satan uses fear as his basic weapon to snatch people into his lair. While folks should be careful and follow practical protocol in tamping down any virus, we see in the case of Covid that the Progressives are advocating never-ending shutdowns. No matter what it does to the economy. If America falls, so much the better, as they can then enact Socialism that much easier!

Ephesians 6:12 tells us: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Thus, in the final analysis, our war is against Satan, who is using the people and entities mentioned above to carry out his destructive plan. And as we wind swiftly toward the Great Tribulation, he knows that his time is short.

Therefore, alert as many as you can on what is going on in terms of America falling to Socialism/Communism. But most importantly, stay in the Word of God, keep on praying and fellowshipping—and continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever and wherever you can. The message that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, who died for our sins and rose again.

In this way, you are fighting this spiritual war with Biblical, spiritual weapons of truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and the sword of the Spirit—the latter of which we know represents the Word of Almighty God.

Yes, by all means carry on, dear Soldiers in Christ! And also continue to fervently look up toward Our Lord’s Heaven, our eternal ‘Home to Come,’ knowing that ‘Your redemption does indeed draweth nigh!’

© Kari Lee Fournier

Kari Lee Fournier

Kari Lee Fournier is a Christian conservative freelance writer. Recently retired after 38 years with her City Water Utility, Kari likes to say that she’s still in the water business – although her work now involves the ‘Living Water,’ represented by the Holy Spirit, which is freely given by Jesus Christ to those who believe that He is their Savior who died and rose again for their sins. In her writings, she primarily attempts to relay the message of the Holy Bible in a simple way, so that those who read her work can immediately apply the Bible’s teachings to their own personal life’s journeys and trials. Kari’s columns have appeared in the Faith Perspectives section of Gannett Company newspapers throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

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