Magic as a National Treasure Part 2

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What is wrong with Magic?

Colossians 2:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

It seems that Salem, Massachusetts may no longer be the Witchcraft capitol of America, as it appears Austin, Texas has taken over. I don’t know if that is the case and I will leave it to the Witches to argue about. Texas seems to be a hot spot for satanic activity as demonstrated by the Magic Bill introduced rather energetically by the Warlock Magician Mayor of Wylie, Texas. Other possible candidates for the honor might be New York State and Washington D.C. which are currently ahead of the Sodomy State of California (particularly San Francisco) in promoting Homosexual legislation. This sudden shift may be accredited to the influence of the homosexual currently occupying the White-house. Just had to throw that in to make a point and to infuriate the homosexual witchcraft community. They are always screaming about being left out and discriminated against, so to be politically correct, I added them. I am an equal opportunity offender!

What spurred this part 2 & 3 is an article in Reporting Texas that is somewhat related to all of the wickedness happening in Texas: “Out of the Shadows: Wicca Grows in Austin and Beyond

What is the reference in this title “Out of the Shadows” and how it relates to Magic.

The Book of Shadows is a book containing religious texts and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca. Originating within the Gardnerian tradition of the Craft, the first Book of Shadows was created by the pioneering Wiccan Gerald Gardner sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, and which he utilized first in his Bricket Wood coven and then in other covens which he founded in following decades. The concept of the Book of Shadows was then adopted by other Wiccan traditions, such as Alexandrianism and Mohsianism, and with the rise of books teaching people how to begin following Wicca in the 1970s onward, the idea of the Book of Shadows was then further propagated amongst solitary practitioners unconnected to earlier traditions. Source: Wikipedia

Witches make their own “Book of Shadows” or “Magic Spells”!

I would not advise anyone to delve into this demonic realm even for research, except those who are truly called to do so. If you do not possess the protective covering of the precious blood of Jesus Christ, if your Temple (your body see 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 ) has not been cleansed and filled with the Holy Spirit, such activity will undoubtably invite demonic spirits, not only into your home, your life and the lives of your loved ones, but even into your very being, The end result of which would be Demon Possession of any and all in your household who are vulnerable! I list these quotes and links for verification out of the Pagans mouths only!

“Many people ask me how they can create their own Book of Shadows. But guess what? It’s really simple – you do it just however you please!” Source

“Whether it’s called a “Book Of Magik”, a “Magikal Grimoire”, or a “Book Of Shadows”, it’s important for every witch to create a book of records.” Source

“It contains everything that a Witch who follows the religion of Wicca needs in order to successfully practice magick. This Book of Shadows perfectly balances the religious belief system of Wicca and the traditions of the Magickal Arts. The magickal knowledge that is preserved within the pages of this Book of Shadows respects the two major Wiccan laws: “harm none, do what you will” and “the Law of Three: whatever you send out, comes back threefold.” Source

The Spelling of Magic Vs Magick What is the difference?

2nd Timothy 3:13 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

Some will argue there is a difference in the way it’s spelled. That being MAGIC refers to stage MAGIC which is the art of Illusion and MAGICK denotes the real MAGICK, the stuff of the black arts like that of Aleister Crowley.

“Magic is stage magic like pulling rabbits out of hats and illusions. Magick is witchcraft and is defined as the act of causing change to occur in conformity with the will (defined by Aleister Crowley.) But he was not the first to spell it that way. It is an ancient spelling and magick is ancient so should be spelled that way. It also shows the difference so you know what you are talking about. Magick with the K is real magick like witchcraft while magic without the K it like magicians……” Source

Magic is all about deception! Known as Magic Tricks. What is a trick but a LIE! Who is the father of lies and the very first TRICKSTER, but Satan himself? More Bible verses related to Deception and Being Deceived

Quoting from the article here are some statements from Mary Caldwell the spiky pink haired, tattooed armed Witch, and others. I emphasize because when you see these non-conformants, you can almost guarantee they are into Witchcraft, Satanism or some other Occult activity just by their appearance. Not all but the majority.

“On a recent Monday evening, she led the group in a discussion of numerology – the belief that numbers have mystical meanings – as well as rituals and personal experiences with spirits. Recently, some members of the group had visited a local cemetery to commune with spirits.”

Think of this for a moment in regard to them going to the “cemetery to commune with spirits” What is the major theme of Halloween? Cemeteries! See info on Halloween here.

“Some of the people in the group just see them, some just hear them and some of them just smell them,” said Caldwell, 44. “It was great fun.”

Oh yea, demons are loads of “Fun”, a million laughs. Make no mistake, communion with DEMONS is exactly what they are experiencing.

“We believe that everything is part of the One,” said Ed Fitch, 80, a Wiccan senior high priest and a member of Caldwell’s meet-up group, one of several Wiccan or witches’ groups in Austin. “Everything in the universe is linked to everything else in the universe.”

Yes it is, but it is all linked to God of the Bible and not the god of Wicca which is Lucifer.

“Traditional religion is very hierarchical, or even patriarchal at times, while paganism has always been focusing on everyone is equal,” Elmore said. “We don’t just have god, who in Christian values is a white male. We’ve got a goddess. They are equal to each other.”

Does that ring a bell in your mind as to what the LGBT advocates are currently pushing? The platform of the Democratic Party? The goddess of equality!

“Both she and her husband, Joe, are third-degree Gardnerians, meaning they are serious students of Wiccan theology and have the ability to lead a coven.”

Third degree as in Master Mason as in Gerald Garner’s title? Oh what a rabbit hole that exposes! You can see all the relevant info posted in the Witchcraft, Paganism and New Age section and The Cult, Occult section of this website.

“With Wiccan signs hanging on her office wall, she said her coworkers know and accept the fact that she’s Wiccan.”

I bet the majority of those who “accept” it, are professing Christians who are Biblically ignorant. It is also why these articles to not make the light of day, in the Christian Gate Keeper Community, where magic and witchcraft are fully accepted! Not surprising as there are actual Churches that have turned their assemblies into HOGWARTS!

“It’s funny, because I’ve got people who are devoted Catholics coming to me and saying, ‘I’ve got a problem, and can you do a spell for me?’ ” she said.

Well, I have already addressed that statement with many articles so if you care to educate yourself, read the following:

The Disease of False Religion

From Satanism to Catholicism – Out of one satanic lair into another!

See more on Catholicism here.

H/T Drudge for his headline on this story

Continued in Part 3 – The Ramifications of Dabbling in or Practicing Magic and Witchcraft

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