Robert the Demon Possessed Doll!

People are apologizing to a ‘cursed’ doll named Robert to ward off bad luck! But you should never apologize to the Devil or anything his Demons Possess. No, you rebuke them, and cast them out in the Name of Jesus and His Precious Shed Blood!

You pull out your Sword, the Word of God, and attack the Demonic, the gates of hell! There is no defensive posture in the Word of God. It is Offense! Ephesians 6:11-18  You come against the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness and Spiritual Wickedness in High places

A bit of history before the story and video clip

Robert the doll is an allegedly haunted doll exhibited at the East Martello Museum. Robert was once owned by Key West, Florida painter and author, Robert Eugene Otto. 

The doll originally belonged to Robert Eugene Otto, an artist described as “eccentric” who belonged to a prominent Key West family. The doll was reportedly manufactured by the Steiff Company of Germany, purchased by Otto’s grandfather while on a trip to Germany in 1904, and given to young Otto as a birthday gift. The doll’s sailor suit was likely an outfit that Otto wore as a child.

According to legend, the doll has supernatural abilities that allow it to move, change its facial expressions, and make giggling sounds. Some versions of the legend claim that a young girl of “Bahamian descent” gave Otto the doll as a gift or as “retaliation for a wrongdoing”. Other stories claim that the doll moved voodoo figurines around the room, and was “aware of what went on around him”. Still other legends claim that the doll “vanished” after Otto’s house changed ownership a number of times after his death, or that young Otto triggered the doll’s supernatural powers by blaming his childhood mishaps on the doll. According to local folklore, the doll has caused “car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a cornucopia of other misfortunes”, and museum visitors supposedly experience “post-visit misfortunes” for “failing to respect Robert”. Source: Wikipedia

Well I say the LORD rebuke you Robert in the Name of Jesus!  James 4:7

Kinda like the Elf on a Shelf some of you idiots put up at Christmas time!!

Just tell Robert you’re sorry. Twitter users are trying to stem the bleeding of the world right now by apologizing to a cursed doll.

New York Post – In a #SorryRobert Twitter version of “The Ring” — the movie about a cursed videotape that kills people seven days after they watch it — if you see a picture of Robert, you have to apologize immediately or suffer bad luck.

According to a YouTube video about the doll, Robert the doll is “an allegedly haunted doll exhibited at the East Martello Museum (in Key West, Florida)” who was once owned by local painter and author, Robert Eugene Otto.

In the past, Robert’s curse was reserved just for rude photographers who didn’t ask permission before snapping his picture.

TripAdvisor user HowardRK didn’t ask permission and, in a post on the site described what happened afterward. In his 2009 review of the East Martello Museum, HowardRK wrote, “As I snapped the picture, I looked at my camera and it said NO IMAGES. All the 50 plus pictures that we had taken in Key West were suddenly gone.

“We went parasailing the next day,” HowardRK continued. “The boat capt. took a video of us in the air. Got back home, the disc was blank. Went to a camera store and they could find no reason why our pictures were gone and why the disc was blank. I have also been hearing some strange noises during the night since I’ve been home. To all who may read this……please, listen to the nice lady at the front desk at the musuem [sic]. ASK ROBERT’S PERMISSION IF YOU WANT TO TAKE HIS PICTURE!!!”

However, Robert has kept up with times and apparently, now extends his curse to anyone who sees any picture of him on social media.

Facebook user NG Elmer Mancia wrote on his page: “Robert is cursed, so everyone who sees a picture of him may have a bad taste by tapping (accidentally) the picture or been saved. Need to convey a simple apology to him when you see the picture. If you ignore, there may be something bad will happen to you (or) bad luck for many years.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @Miss AmericHANA posted: “Everyone say Sorry Robert when you see this picture or you’ll be cursed.”

In 2015 a horror movie franchise was launched based on Robert.

Annabelle Doll 

Annabelle is an allegedly haunted doll housed at the occult museum of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren

According to the Warrens, a student nurse was given the doll in 1968. They say the doll behaved strangely, and that a psychic medium told the student that the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a deceased girl named “Annabelle”. The student and her roommate tried to accept and nurture the spirit-possessed doll, but the doll reportedly exhibited malicious and frightening behavior. It was at this point that the Warrens say they were first contacted, moving the doll to their museum after pronouncing it demonically possessed. The doll remains in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. Source: Wikipedia

Infamously Haunted Dolls that supposedly will Murder

You this comes from Back Pack Universe

Peggy, The Doll Who Gives You Chest Pain

Peggy is one of the most haunted dolls in the world. She will give you chest pain after you watch her video.

Jayne Harris is a leading paranormal investigator in England who deals almost exclusively with dolls that are haunted.

One day Jayne received a package and a letter in the mail.

The package contained a blonde haired doll.

In the note, a woman said the doll’s name was Peggy and that she was haunted.

Jayne began a case study on the doll, and posted many photos and disturbing videos of Peggy online.

Soon she began to receive letters and emails from people who saw the photos and videos and claimed that Peggy caused them to experience nausea and intense migraines.

One unfortunate woman even suffered from a heart attack after looking at a photo of Peggy.

Mediums have reported that the spirit of someone who died in the Holocaust dwells within the doll.

The Janesville Doll

The Janesville Doll sits in the window of an old home, overlooking the community.


During the 1970s, a man lived by himself in Janesville, Minnesota.

There was a small square window in the attic that faced the street.

In 1976, the man took a porcelain doll and placed it in the window.

Children noticed the doll in the attic window and became weary of it, claiming its expression would change.

Overtime, the entire town of Janesville believed the doll to be haunted.

Some theorized that the man once had a daughter who he murdered.

Afterward, he deeply regretted his decision and placed the doll in the window as a memorial to her.

Folks believed her spirit had transferred itself into the doll.

Nobody is quite sure why the doll was placed by the window on that fateful day, which further lends to creepy stories and legends.

The truth behind the doll, and it’s paranormal abilities, may never be known.

Mandy, the Crying Doll

Mandy is a haunted doll that allegedly cries.

In 1991, the Quesnel and District Museum received an anonymous donation in the form of an antiquated baby doll.

The donor informed them that she could no longer endure hearing the doll cry in the middle of the night.

Puzzled, the museum curators included the doll in one of their exhibits, against the local psychic’s advice.

Soon, visitors began to claim they heard disembodied footsteps in the room where Mandy was kept.

Anytime someone attempted to photograph the doll, their cameras would malfunction.

Even creepier is the fact that when Mandy has been placed in the same cases as other dolls, the other dolls become damaged and on the floor of the display case.

The Haunted Barbie

The mysterious haunted barbie doll has a long history and many sinister unexplained actions surrounding her.

It may be hard to believe, but one of the most haunted dolls in the world is in fact a Barbie.

During World War I, British occupied Singapore was once home to a family of German spies.

Once discovered, the British chased the family out, and the teenaged daughter fell from a cliff.

The local townspeople built a shrine for the little girl near the Cliffside.

Fast forward to 2007, when an Australian man began having dreams of a dead German girl who guided the man to the local toy store.

Once there she pointed to a Barbie doll in the display window.

The man had this dream three nights in a row and was convinced it was the German girl from Singapore.

He went to a toy store and bought the very doll the girl had pointed to, and took it to the girl’s shrine.

Now, hundreds of people believe the soul of the German girl now lives in the Barbie.

The Italian Doll

The haunted Italian doll has been on display, but you should avoid it at all costs.

During the 1920s, a little girl in Italy received a doll.

The doll was primarily made of felt, but had a head covered in real human hair.

The girl became inseparable from the doll immediately.

She named her Pupa and prized her above all other possessions.

As the girl spent more time with Pupa, she began to insist that the doll was alive and would often speak to her.

The girl grew to be a woman and kept the doll until her death in 2005.

Her family kept Pupa and placed her in a glass case as a tribute to the woman.

The family has said that Pupa does not like to be confined and can be heard knocking on the glass at night.

Occasionally she likes to sneak out and roam around the house as well.

Joliet, the Cursed Doll

The Haunted doll of Joliet draws plenty of attention from thrillseekers and the downright foolish.

Many years ago, a woman discovered she and her husband were going to have a baby.

Delighted by her good fortune, she shared the news with her best friend.

That friend had been trying to have a baby for a long time, and was intensely jealous.

The friend acquired a doll with a terrible curse and gave it to the pregnant woman as a gift.

Nine months later, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy…who mysteriously died three days later.

After the death of her son, the woman began to hear her baby’s cries emanating from the doll.

A few years later, the woman had a baby girl, who grew up and acquired the doll.

Her son also died three days after being born.

For four generations the women in the family all had sons who died on their third day of life, and each could hear the sounds of their crying babies come from the doll.

The Dolls of Satan – These are Voodoo dolls!

These are a more modern take on the traditional New Orleans Dolls of the Devil.

During the 1800s many affluent families lived in New Orleans.

One of those families had a daughter who was ready for marriage.

The young woman had had a secret affair with a boy in town, but was arranged to wed a wealthy Scotsman.

When her lover found out, he sought the help of voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

The girl was married and soon became pregnant.

But she did not give birth to an ordinary baby.

Instead, she gave birth to a grotesque, deformed monstrosity everybody believed to be the spawn of the devil.

The good people of New Orleans began to believe that the baby would wander the city at night and attack anyone in the streets.

Some began to believe that by carving a likeness of the baby into a gourd and leaving it on the porch would protect them from Satan’s child.

To this day, the devil gourd dolls are still made.

Many believe they are still cursed objects, courtesy of Marie Laveau.

The Doll in the Abandoned House – Ledda Doll

Possessed dolls that sends chills down the spine

Kerry Walton grew up in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

There was an abandoned house on the street that Kerry and his friends all believed to be haunted.

After Kerry grew up and moved away, he decided to visit his hometown and the abandoned house.

Hidden underneath the floorboards he discovered a historic marionette doll.

Intrigued, Kerry put the doll in his car and began to drive home.

During the drive he heard the doll cry out “Ledda me out!” and decided to call it Ledda.

After Kerry brought Ledda home, people would scream and grow extremely uncomfortable in the presence of the doll.

They started making appearances on television shows, and one cameraman insisted that the doll turned his head to look at him.

Kerry still has Ledda, and has gone on several Australian television shows with what is now considered one of the most evil dolls in existence.

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