Creepy Clowns March on Washington

See the Series Send in the Clowns that explains why these weirdo’s do the things they do!

People dressed as clowns have been lurking in cinemas to see IT… and viewers are freaking out

The Juggalos don’t want to be called a gang – so they marched on Washington

Excerpts: LA Times – A mass of people with red noses and faces covered in white paint descended Saturday on Washington. They hoisted signs declaring “Clown Lives Matter” and posters decorated with doctored images of President Trump.

Also highly visible were numerous images of a wild-haired man wielding a hatchet. One was plastered on an American flag.

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Red Nose Day

RED NOSE DAY by Cynthia Pawl 5-4-16 Also see Send in the Clowns Friday March 24th 2017 will bring another Red Nose Day. I couldn’t let it go by without speaking up. Beware!! The Illumined ones get a great deal of power when they can get you to participate in their rituals. The Clown is … Click Here to Read more