Ghana Implements Mark of the Beast

Ahead Of International Identity Day, Ghana Parliament Votes To Change Their Constitution To Make Biometric ‘Ghana Card’ Only Legal Means Of ID A constitutional instrument to make the Ghana Card and Ghanaian passport the only legal ID credentials acceptable for verifying people in the new round of biometric voter registration has finally come into effect, … Click Here to Read more

It’s in The Blood Part 9

THE RFID CHIP What’s it to YOU?


By Cynthia Pawl 7/10/16

We are rapidly advancing toward a world where everything will be accessed using a single RFID microchip. This microscopic implant can make your physical body machine readable and act as a universal identity token for navigating through a world increasing dominated by technology. Your RFID implant can provide instant, easy, secure access to your bank account, laptop, phone, car, office, motorcycle, and your own front door.

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