Teenager brutally murdered by lesbian ex-lover in Satanic ritual

18-year-old student Nadine Esterhuizen was found dead next to a cup of blood in her sister’s kitchen in Western Cape Province in South Africa.

Her reported ex-girlfriend, Corrine Jackson, 20, has been arrested.

She (The Sister) described the horrific scene, saying: “There was a cup filled with blood, we do not know whose blood it was.

“There was also hair in the cup.

“Strands of hair were used to write the word ‘sorry’.”

She also alleged that Jackson pretended to be Nadine by using her phone to respond to a series of WhatsApp messages while the victim lay dead in the kitchen.

Jackson has been charged with murder, and is in custody at a prison hospital after her family requested that she received psychiatric treatment. Excerpt Source: Pink News

The lesbian dose not need psychiatric treatment! She needs Jesus Christ and to have the demons cast out!