African Voodoo and Witchcraft being Mimicked in Hospitals across America and Europe

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Nurses perform the Nidingi with a Plastic Wrapped Dead Body in Hospital

Wrapped body is labeled “COVID-19” paraded through hospital corridor

Ignorance has just invited the Grime Reaper and Demons into that Hospital!

I would suspect, according to the info below, that those who participated are now Demon Possessed

If you think this is funny or cute, you are just as depraved as these fools are! At the time of this post, 11,100 deranged individuals liked it!

Jamaican Dinki-Mini Dance

The Dinki-Mini Jamaican dance has an African origin and the name originates from the Congolese word “nidingi” that means funeral song. It’s the first dance performed at the Nine-Night celebration, the ninth night preceding the funeral service. The dance celebrates the creation of life and invites the spirits, also known as duppies, of the deceased’s ancestors to join in the celebration. Source

See Ancestor Worship here

Be careful what you mimic people. The consequences could send you to Hell!


Kumina (also spelled Cumina) is a religious group, which originated in Congo, West Africa, and was brought to Jamaica by the free Africans, who came here between the 1840s and 1860s.  It is strongly believed that Kumina expresses the strongest African retention of Jamaican folk culture, and provides us with powerful clues about the religions and social practices of out African ancestors.

Kumina practitioners believe in the existence of three spirits – Sky Spirits (All Powerful God Nzomi Ampangu), Earth Spirits and Ancestral Spirits.  The Sky Spirits carry the highest rank, followed by the Earth Spirit, which may appear by entering the body of a practitioner. ( Demon Possession)

However, the Ancestral Spirits are the ones most commonly used as it is believed that the Sky and Earth Spirits have a much wider hemisphere in which to work and are least in touch with individuals.

Kumina is performed to celebrate achievements and at special achievements and at social events such as engagements and weddings. Thus, it is referred to by many as ‘rejoicing’ music. It may also be performed at set ups and nine-nights.

However, Kumina can also be used for evil purposes, for example, to make someone physically ill, because the ritual focuses on the ancestral spirits who share our desire for revenge and justice.  According to Orlanado Patterson, in his book entitled The Sociology of Slavery (1967), homage is paid to the ancestral spirits, because Africans are more afraid of their ancestors than their gods. Source

More Ignorance Gone to Seed from Ahab’s and Jezebel’s – Nurses Recreate Last Supper

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