Ten Albino Children Kidnapped, Six Murdered in Tanzania

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Body Parts to be used in Witchcraft and Voodoo!

Fox News – Tanzanian authorities say that 10 children who were kidnapped in December were found dead and were killed for their body parts.

The children’s ears, teeth and “private parts” were removed, and some were missing limbs, according to published reports that cited the authorities.

They were 2 to 9 years old. Authorities in Tanzania have indicated that there may be more children missing.

A relative of three of the children has been arrested.

“This is all about superstitious beliefs and many believe they will get help from witchcraft,” Njombe District Commissioner Ruth Msafiri said.

“These murders are linked to witchcraft practices because that is the trend for such crimes, where herbalists ask people to get these human parts for money rituals,” he said. Excerpts Source

Other News of these unfortunate victims being Murdered because they are different!

Albino Child Beheaded in a Satanic Murder Ritual

Albino boy murdered and brain harvested for Witchcraft in Mozambique

Here is a first hand testimony that I personally know to be fact about these Voodoo and Witch doctor practitioners. 

In my wife’s ex-in-laws family they had a child who was born with one green eye and one blue eye. They had went on vacation to New Orleans Louisiana when he was about six years old. While there they were walking the streets taking in the sights and minding their own business

New Orleans is a haven of African and Caribbean Witchcraft and Voodoo BTW. As they were walking past one of the many voodoo shops that are there, a Big Fat Black Witch was standing outside trying to coax people to come in and get a fortune told or some other crap they peddle out.

When she saw the boy she heaped praise on him and the parents and tried desperately to get them to come in. She went as  far as to block the sidewalk and hindered them from proceeding on their way.

Here is the shocking part. She told them that there was special magic that could be performed with him and that they could make a lot of money using him in that way. Being some what religious, they declined her suggestion.  She then asked the parents if the would SELL the boy to her!

Folks, this was not in a third world country nor a backwards remote island. It was in the supposed civilized United States of America!!

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