The Mass The Murder of Unborn Children is a Satanic Epidemic

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America Totally Divided: Conservatives Should NEVER ACCEPT The Democrat’s ‘ Religion’ Of ‘Child Sacrifice’

Why Don’t Democrats Understand? Abortion IS Murder!


By William B Stoecker – All News Pipeline

The elites’ various programs, and this has been obvious for a long time, are designed to divide and conquer, to set Blacks against Whites, women against men, Hispanic invaders against Americans, and Muslims against everyone and everything (not that they need any encouragement). And it is obvious that they have succeeded, for the Demoncraps appear to be all about identity politics and not much else.

The utter evil of the Deep State elites has also been obvious for a long time; anyone with his eyes and mind open (unfortunately, a minority of the population) can see through the Clinton crimes and add up their body count, and the various false flags are increasingly obvious, especially 9/11. The elites, whom some of us suspect of literal demonic possession, appear to be going through some very real and very sinister physical changes, which often can be seen in their eyes. The Witch Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, and AOC are increasingly bug-eyed, and Senator Richard Blumenthal, who boasted of his non-existent service in Vietnam, has narrow, slit-like reptilian eyes, as does Al Gore, who reportedly travels with a refrigerator full of human blood (and “gore” means “blood”).

The Witch Hillary, in addition to her abnormally bulging eyes, has a whole repertoire of strange tics and body movements. When she attempts to imitate human expressions, grinning like an idiot and waving to imaginary friends off camera, she overdoes it and looks even less human. The communist and Islamist former CIA Director John Brennan’s face is so twisted by hate that he scarcely appears human. The same is true of Bernie Sanders, not that anyone notices. But their utter lack of morality has spread to their (hopefully dwindling) flock of followers, and between them and us is a gulf that cannot, and should not be bridged. So evil have they become, and so irrational and mindless, that there is no longer any point in attempting a dialogue or hoping to compromise. Their “sacred” ritual of child sacrifice ( abortion) is the prime example.

(ANP: Of course, the image above comes from a pro-baby murder Institute)
A normal human being has a powerful instinct to protect babies and small children; we old guys positively love babies. But virtually all leftists are fanatical supporters of unlimited, taxpayer-funded abortion at any time during pregnancy. Some of us have believed for years that the left was moving incrementally toward open infanticide of babies born alive, and that even this would be but a step on the road to mass extermination of their enemies, namely us “deplorables,” us “bitter clingers” out there in flyover country.

Of course the leftists, via their slimestream media outlets, mocked such suspicions as “paranoid.” On 1/29/19 New York Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, which prevents reproduction and has no connection to health. It legalized allowing unwanted babies to die if they are born alive during a failed abortion.

He ordered the WTC lit up to celebrate this wondrous achievement, and his followers, mostly women, literally squealed and shrieked in ecstasy at the thought of being allowed to murder newborns. In fact, the women of the left do a lot of high-pitched shrieking; I first really noticed it during the Kavanaugh hearings. As for Cuomo himself, he is the son of Governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of Chris Cuomo, one of the chattering baboons on the Communist News Network.

I have no desire to communicate with baby killers, especially those who shriek with blood lust. When not advocating infanticide, leftists spend a lot of time violently assaulting anyone to the right of Karl Marx. BM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa, the fascist group masquerading as anti-fascist, have beaten up women and elderly people and children. In a city like Portland, Oregon, controlled by leftists and swimming in human excrement, the mayor has ordered the police not to intervene if his favorite cowardly thugs attack patriots. Such attacks are becoming a commonplace, daily occurrence all across our former Republic; often the attackers are women, shrieking, of course.


Why such hate for patriots? Remember that leftists are attracted to their movement largely by appeals to their vanity, Satan’s favorite sin. If they will think what they are told to think, like good little freethinkers should, it means that they, by definition, are brilliant intellectuals. They can feel smugly superior to us bitter clingers. But if one of us points out that their beliefs are logically indefensible, we are confirming their worst (and secret) suspicions about themselves.

Not only are they not superior to us commoners; they are, in general, our intellectual inferiors. And if they secretly at least suspect themselves to be vain and self-deluded fools, they also suspect that they serve the ultimate evil, and we, without even bothering to virtue signal, are, by our very existence, a moral reproach to them. Unable to admit all of this, many of them will continue on the same, seemingly safe path.

And safe it is, as long as we patriots are even more cowardly than the leftists. Time after time patriots, when assaulted, fail to strike back. Can we not at least defend ourselves, even if (as is increasingly the case) it is a woman trying to kick or punch us? If we will not fight now, what will we do when Trump betrays his base yet again, and the RINOs allow the leftists, despite all the walk aways leaving the Demoncrap Party, to win by rigging the election? 

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