More Evidence the Globalists Depopulation is in Full Swing

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It’s A HUGE Clue When ALL Of Social Media Is Censoring Specific Information – So, Why Are They Playing ‘Thought Police’ To The ‘Great Culling Of 2020’?

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

It’s a big CLUE when social media doesn’t want you talking about something.

Take social media giants Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Should they have any right to decide what you talk about? To evaluate what you’re saying and censor it to prevent it? Sounds like “Thought Police” to me.

Well, whether they have this right or not. They have the power. They can decide what you’re talking about is not legitimate. Then do things to censor your efforts and block you from getting your message out. In a recent article I wrote about something the social media eavesdroppers do not want anybody talking about: The direct connection of the telecom industry’s new 5G technology and the coronavirus.

As I quoted in the recently censored article, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have somehow determined this specific topic is a “conspiracy theory.” And NOBODY should be talking about it on their platforms. To be specific, they will let you say, “there is no connection between 5G and COVID-19.” But they will not let you say there is a connection. Funny part is, speaking of this specific topic: There is no doubt at all that 5G and COVID-19 do have a “connection” to each other – in more ways than one.

First, the two came out together in late 2019, early 2020, at the same precise time. Secondly, each of them have the ability to create symptoms in humans that are essentially the same. Which is definitely something in common, right? So… #1) they came together at the same exact time, and #2) they do the same thing. Creating identical symptoms by totally different causes.

That is not a conspiracy theory. That is history and truth coming together. So, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are wrong. The connection of these things is a FACT, not theoretical. Worse than that is the reality that the two have worked as perfect covers for each other in the faux pandemic of 2020.

As I reported recently the connection is the “pandemic” itself. Without both working together there is no pandemic.

⦁ If you don’t have the VIRUS to blame for all the terrible things 5G does, everyone will KNOW all the symptoms are “2019-deployed 5G” symptoms – HELLO !!

⦁ If you don’t turn the 5G on to make things look more virally frightening, everyone will KNOW the coronavirus all by itself is NO “pandemic” at all – HELLO !!

These two things “had to happen together” for the virus to look like a pandemic and not just another virus, and for the faux pandemic to act as a smokescreen for the 5G military “death ray” activation. So, it is okay if we’re smart enough to figure this out, but Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have decided we don’t need to be talking about it or telling anybody else.

Of course not, that would expose the whole scam to the world.

I think it’s important for everyone to understand the con being played on us. How these two things are being used to violate us in countless ways. You couldn’t call it a pandemic without the virus acting as a smokescreen for when they turned on the 5G, and 5G providing ever more virus-like symptoms to make the real virus look more like a real pandemic.

This is how a fake pandemic forced all new demands and protocols on us. When the virus alone should not have caused any need for facemasks and shields, social distancing, shelter-in-place orders or a panicked “urgent” focus on fast-tracking a mandatory vaccine.

Without the “contrived pandemic,” none of these things would have been forced on us or threatened. It is therefore, critically important for people living in the U.S. to throw off all of the forced compliance bull-s#@% and not play along with any of it. Yesterday I was with a friend downtown when I pointed to guy driving by in a car wearing a facemask. My friend saw the guy and said, “How idiotic… Why do you need a mask driving alone in a car?” He paused before making his point, “You can’t infect yourself!”

So, my apologies to the social networking A.I. assisted conspiracy theory debunkers, but we have to talk about this topic. And I will do it again because this 5th-Generation wireless technology will harm you. Just like if you poured acid on your skin would hurt you. 5G is like an invisible acid that can get inside of you too, not just hurt your skin. And it is so bad for you it will be fatal if you cannot limit your exposure or escape it somehow.

Instead of all humanity rising up to stop the deployment of 5G in hospitals, schools, neighborhoods where we live, and let’s not leave out space! Everybody is preoccupied with needless protocols for a fake pandemic. As badly as I don’t want to admit this or inform you it’s really true. It does appear we are now entering the “Twilight Zone” or worse, for real.

In a speech at the Health and Human Rights Summit held in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020, Dr. Thomas Cowan tried to alert us to something extremely sobering and concerning. By stating as clearly as he could, the reality of how much OUR REALITY is about to change, has already changed and will be continuing to change with the advance of 5G use.

“There has been a dramatic and quantum leap in the last six months with the electrification of the earth,” he told his listeners.

This statement holds the keys to why I’m writing this article to wake people up. Because we are all living with something that was not among us before. And we can’t recognize it, it is still so new. The problem is this: What Dr. Cowan said is true. We are living in a “dramatically” altered reality that has experienced a “quantum leap” in electrification.

Definition of quantum leap :an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance. NOTE: Quantum leap is rarely used in scientific contexts, but it originated as a synonym of quantum jump, which describes an abrupt transition from one energy state to another. (Merriam-Webster)

We are experiencing an exponential change in our “electrified” realities, with a tremendous spike, and enormous increase in the electric fields we walk around in every day.

This change that is planned to multiply and be ever more exponential as this very year progresses. Is designed and expected to keep increasing throughout 2021 as thousands upon thousands of new 5G satellites are placed in orbit around the earth, and millions of ground-based towers are installed and 5G grids expanded. 


This doesn’t sound half as scary as it is. But look at how much our world has changed since they turned on the worldwide 5G, that exists only in its early stages right now. Wow! That’s one major shockwave huge change in this first 6-months of 2020. This invisible frequency and wavelength nobody can see is so much more dangerous than anything the telecom industry has ever released on us before.

We are in extreme danger with more danger planned in our immediate futures. Think of the difference between normal air and carbon monoxide. They are both invisible. You can breathe all the oxygenated air you want. But if you breathe too much carbon monoxide you’ll be dead fast.

I once had my wife wake me up from a very deep, deep sleep. She struggled to get me up after we had stayed in this country cottage and had fallen asleep in front of the fireplace. I was so tired I actually resisted her efforts, but she was in some excited nervous panic it seemed. Finally, I got up and she steered me quickly to the open front door. When I hit the cool refreshing oxygenated air my eyes popped open like, “What the …”

I don’t remember how she woke up, but if she hadn’t waken up we would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Me, her and our two children would have been found by somebody eventually. How sad that would have been. But we were breathing a toxic mix of the wrong invisible thing. We learned later was caused by a faulty air conditioning system. I’ll never forget hitting that doorway and having that fresh air hit my face.

It’s time to wake up people! 

Some interesting facts to remember… When you develop 5G symptoms that look exactly like a virus in the early stages. You are not contagious. The virus-like symptoms are not infectious. Others may appear to get infected because they will get symptoms too if they are in the 5G exposure range. But nobody developing virus-like symptoms from 5G radiation actually has a virus.

Guess what?

How much good do you think a fast-tracked vaccine would do for the 5G faux virus? That’s right. None at all. Since vaccines come with factored pre-known death quotient statistics, you would only be exposing yourself to greater harm by vaccine injury or death risks. But you would not need a vaccine at all, and no vaccine would do you any good.

For depopulation however, if that’s the goal, adding vaccines to the equation would give you another good injury and/or kill source instead of just one! I’m not even counting the real virus, but just the 5G and the vaccine. Depopulation is no joke. It’s a very dangerous real-world fact of life there are elite-power groups among humanity that feel entitled to believe you are expendable and they have the right to kill you.

There is nothing new about this, except for how far they have advanced in setting the stage to kill millions of people with this technology. Plus things that come with it like “forced annual vaccines.” If you don’t wake up in time you will die from breathing carbon monoxide. 5G is no different. Human life cannot survive extended or high doses of 5G radiation exposure. You will be one sick puppy if you survive to live with it somehow.

The virus and the pandemic are not the problem here, if you haven’t figured that out by now. Neither can kill like 5G radiation kills. Neither are anywhere near as lethal as 5G radiation. Neither can really go on and on, and never end. Nobody wants this to be true. But look at what has happened since the first of the year 2020. It is nothing short of shocking. And from the headlines this scheme/scam is planned to be with us for a while. With the World Health Organization predicting it “may never go away.”

Has there ever been a virus that “never” goes away? Has there? I think the WHO just admitted this is not a normal virus, but a 5G-induced faux virus that can live forever. As long as you can turn the 5G on and off. Sure sounds like the WHO knows this to be true.

I saw an interview of a somber old dude who said, “5G is the perfect stealth weapon.” The enemy never sees it coming and by the time they start to figure it out, they’re all sick and can’t fight back.

Don’t look now but you can see it coming if you brush aside the deception ploy virus nonsense. A virus that “never goes away” is not a real virus. There is no such thing. The world is witnessing “The Great Culling of 2020,” as a massively vast weapon deployment of military-grade radiation weaponry is already killing people around the clock somewhere in the world.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! And it’ll be 5G o’clock everywhere by the end of 2021 if telecom forecasters are right. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know what to think myself. It’s hard to fathom. It’s hard to accept something you don’t want to believe. It’s also hard to deny this is really happening right now in our lifetimes. To us, ourselves and our families and friends.

Dr. Cowan left his Tucson listeners with an old quote from 1917 by Austrian scientist Rudolph Steiner to give them some perspective:

“In times where there were no electrical currents. When the air was not swarming with electrical influences. It was easier to be human. For this reason, in order to be human today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.”

Tagging the quote in his own words: “Whatever you can do to increase your spiritual capacities – because it’s really damn hard to be human beings these days.”


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