More Evidence the Globalists Depopulation is in Full Swing

It’s A HUGE Clue When ALL Of Social Media Is Censoring Specific Information – So, Why Are They Playing ‘Thought Police’ To The ‘Great Culling Of 2020’? By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline It’s a big CLUE when social media doesn’t want you talking about something. Take social media giants Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. … Click Here to Read more

A Global War of Good vs Evil

Also see the 3 part series: The Battle between Good and Evil By Ray Gano | – I have been doing a lot of research on Agenda 21 / 2030 and I can truly see a war of good and evil taking place. Just looking at our own nation, I could totally see a … Click Here to Read more

Feminist Athlete Promotes Anti-Family Agenda and Planet Depopulation

We need to normalize being child-free, she says Dan Lyman – A female motorsports athlete is being hailed as a new face of the depopulation agenda after becoming a member of Population Matters, a UK-based organization focused on radical environmentalism. Leilani Münter is an American race car driver and self-proclaimed “vegan hippy chick” who is … Click Here to Read more

Vatican wants to depopulate the planet

Vatican Speaker on Climate Thinks There are 6 Billion Too Many of Us If you are a Catholic you need to be afraid, VERY AFRAID They may try and snuff YOU out when you partake of the Eucharist! That would be a good way to spread a plague via dumb sheep! One of the speakers … Click Here to Read more

Georgia Guide Stones

Who is it that wants to kill off 90% of human population? By Leo Hohmann Georgia Guidestone statements: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity Unite humanity with a living new language Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason … Click Here to Read more