X-Furry email about the “Sick Community”

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Email from an Ex-Furry Maxis

I came across the article “Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring“. I thought this might interest you I’m just trying to expose the true face of this sick community.

Anthrocon is (as of 2019) the second-largest furry convention on the planet with 9,358 attendees in 2019. According to The City Paper In 2005 the City approached Sam Conway the chairman of Anthrocon. Asking him to bring the convention from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. They even brought binders of research showing the economic and social benefits of having this convention take place in Pittsburgh. The furry convention is big business between 2006-2018 Anthrocon brought in over $60 million in spending and is expected to bring in over $9 million this year.

Anthrocon is one of the most profitable conventions the city holds and local business proudly displays furry stuff even making con special menu items. This is why the city openly pushes this convention in the media and will NEVER mention the true nature of this community. This is why the media will only publish feel-good stories about furry.

The City of Pittsburgh needs to wake up to the truth of furries. Thankfully some people are finally after 13 years are starting to notice the true nature of what furries are really about. The city holds a couple of comics and an anime convention so why is Pittsburgh only promoting furries? Simply follow the money. If the truth isnt profitable then it becomes a lie to those in power.


Kero the wolf was a Pittsburgh fur was involved in a massive zoosaidist ring, and RC the Fox was arrested for possession of childporn. Both were really active in the Pittsburgh furry scene Kero had a youtube channel with over 100K+ subs. Back in 2017, a furry pedo sex ring in Pennsylvania was busted.

As a former furry, I feel like this needs more exposure Thanks for your time – Maxis





https://xfur.blogspot.com/2019/07/rc-fox.html  This has been removed from the web



https://xfur.blogspot.com/2019/07/anthrocon-follow-money_31.html  This has been removed from the web

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