Preaching the Truth to Tranny’s will get you Arrested

Evangelist Arrested, Jailed While Preaching Christ Outside ‘A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour’ in Texas Apparently there are a WHOLE lot of sick depraved people in America if these reprobates can do a tour! Probably some sitting in the pews at your church! Heather Clark at Christian News – An evangelist was arrested and jailed on Wednesday after those unhappy with his message called the police as he was preaching outside of a “holiday” event in Texas called “A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour.” Those watching his preaching being shut down broke out into cheers. “A Drag Queen

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What One Generation ALLOWS in Moderation, the Next WILL PRACTICE it in EXCESS

Drag Queen Festival in Austin Promotes Early Sexual/Gender Confusion Rainbow Snatch goes undercover to reveal how children are being indoctrinated into fetish lifestyles. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver goes undercover as ‘Rainbow Snatch’ to the Austin International Drag Festival to investigate how children are being over-sexualized and indoctrinated into fetish lifestyles. The drag festival was sated with raunchy language and provocative dancing with very young children participating. Astonishingly, the afternoon event climaxed with a burlesque dance from an 11-year-old transgender boy. Very Perverted Content I applaud Alex Jones and the other folks at InfoWars for what they do exposing the corruption,

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Sexual Deviates parade Eight Year Old Drag Queen

If Your Parents Won’t Let You Do Drag, ‘You Need New Parents’ MONTREAL, Canada — A video of an eight-year-old boy who performs in drag has gone viral, with the child advising during the interview that if one’s parents will not allow them to be a drag queen, “you need new parents.”