Black Magic Witch Casts Demons out of Oscar winners, Politicians and Movie Bosses?

Also read about another one: Black Magic Witch says she can help heal people from diseases including CANCER by working with demons Excerpts from the Daily Mail – The woman carrying out the ‘working’ is Rachel Stavis – the world’s only non-denominational Exorcist. The “working” is a witchcraft term that means she is Casting a Spell or Working Magic. If you read the whole article you will see the various instruments and potions she uses. Again she is a WITCH. No matter what they say or believe, they are part of the kingdom of Satan and he is the one

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Mariah Carey’s Satanic Upbringing: Stories of Satanic Rituals as told by Sister Alison

This is how you become a Hellywood Star or a Rock Star. You must be given over to Satan! Your News Wire – Mariah Carey engaged in child sex rituals and animal sacrifices conducted by a satanic cult, according to her estranged sister.  According to Mariah’s sister Alison, both Mariah and her “evil mother” Patricia participated in ceremonies in which animals and children were sexually abused, tortured and sometimes killed. reports: “At a very young age, both Mariah and her sister, Alison, were involved in the ceremonies and participated in them,” a family source dished. Alison described the hair-raising

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Mother of Two murders her Boys in a Satanic Ritual

Boston Globe – Brockton, Massachusetts –  Latarsha L. Sanders, 43, was arraigned in Brockton District Court on two counts of murder on Tuesday. One of the last times anyone saw her two little boys alive, Latarsha L. Sanders allegedly vowed to kill someone so that she could obtain a human heart to give to her dying father. The 43-year-old allegedly showed up ranting at her mother’s home on Saturday afternoon with two of her sons, 8-year-old Edson “Marlon” Brito and 5-year-old Lason Brito, in tow. She was rambling about human sacrifice, her mother later told police. Sanders said her boys

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Mother in Mexico arrested for death of 8 month old Son named Beelzebub in a Satanic Ritual

A MEXICAN woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing her eight-month-old baby in a Satanic ritual. Police found a pentagram and silhouette of a baby painted in black on the floor of the home in Chimalhuacan, in Greater Mexico City. Cops also found ritual materials including candles, a human skull, devil figurines and oils in the same room. The baby’s mutilated corpse was found elsewhere in the house and it was initially unclear whether the skull was real. It is reported that the 26-year-old mum, identified only as Leticia N, named the baby Belcebu – a variant of Beelzebub.

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Woman reveals Sex Life with Multiple Ghosts

Says she’ll ‘never go back to men’ Sounds like this man hating craze that is currently happening does it not?   There are no such things as Ghosts. What she is having Sex with is MULTIPLE Demons. See article that will explain what they REALLY ARE! Ending Clip from the movie Ghost. It ain’t like this folks and it ain’t Casper the friendly ghost either! If you believe this crap, You are deceived! New Zealand Herald – A woman who says she has sex with ghosts has declared she will “never go back to men” – because spirits leave her more

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SATANIC SACRIFICE: Mother burned three-year-old son to death in a devil Worshiping Ritual?

Get this sub-headline at source: “It is believed that the woman might have some psychological problems, authorities have suggested” Yea I think she has some “psychological problems”! It’s called Demon Possession! The murder took place on Wednesday night in the colony Periodistas de Mexico, in the city of Monterrey, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. Maria del Carmen Hernández Hernández, 42, was found on the roof of her house sitting in a rocking chair and holding her son José Alejandro Iracheta Hernández, who was totally burned.

Ex Dutch Banker exposes Child Sacrifice

Financial elite child sacrifice rituals exposed by Dutch banker The scum doing this are the rich and powerful. They are in EVERY community. They are in the Catholic Church, the FIRST Church, and the MEGA Churches. They put on a false facade. YOU MUST be able to DISCERN these Bastards and be watchful of them!  A former Dutch banker has given a sit down interview during which he claims that he was invited by members of the financial elite to participate in child sacrifice rituals. Ronald Bernard was a successful entrepreneur who ran a number of businesses before entering the

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Indian Man who murdered family involved in Satan worship

Told the police that he did it to perform astral projection ritual. That is when a persons soul or spirit leaves and they have an out of the body experience! India – If the murder of an entire family near the Kerala Chief Minister’s official residence in Thiruvananthapuram was not shocking enough, the accused is now claiming that he is involved in Satanic worship.

Teen Satanists Sacrifice 15 yr old girl in Satanic Ritual!

Three teens were arrested after a 15 year old half-naked girl is killed in suspected satanic ritual. She was found brutally beaten to death with the “stake” through her eye. Jessica Valeria was found half-naked and brutally beaten with a wooden broomstick embedded in her right eye in Torreon in the northern state of Coahuila, Mexico. Sources close to the investigation told Vanguardia there were indications it could have been a satanic rite – but the Attorney General’s Office denied it was probing that line specifically.