We Wrestle not against Flesh and Blood but against Satan the god of this World System

This may come as a big surprise and shock to those of you who follow this ministry knowing the hard stand I take. Our Enemy is NOT Islam or Muslims, False Religions, Satanists or Witches, Communists, Rocket Man, The Democrats, (specifically Crooked Hillary Clinton and that whole Cabal) The Swamp that is filled with Republican Scum, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or even Illegal Aliens! NO! Although the real enemy uses the aforementioned and many more as his pawns, God still loves them and will save them, if they call out to him before they draw their last breath!  John 3:16

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God is to Blame for Satan’s Bad Behavior according to Fox show Lucifer

Let me say something to you Fox news groupies. YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS! You are blind and have no discernment at all. Worship Molech and Baal some more you fools! See also 20th Century Fox and Fox News a Den of Ahab’s and Jezebel’s News Busters – In a show that has already stunned and offended many, Monday night’s season finale of Lucifer on Fox ended with more of the same insulting anti-Christian agenda and Biblically inaccurate storyline that it’s been pushing on viewers from the start.

Son Beats Mother and Leaves her to Die – Carves Demon Name in her Chest

Asmoday is know as the king of demons. Like most Demons, it has many different names. No matter what it is called, it is connected to Lucifer the king of them all! Daily Beast January 15, 2017 – Chase Wall, a 33-year-old with a record of meth production and domestic abuse, has been charged for the attempted murder of his mother, who was left with a demon king’s name on her chest. Before he allegedly beat his mother, stole her car, and left her for dead with a demon’s name scrawled across her chest, Chase Wall wrote a Tumblr post

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