Woman Marries Jack the Demon who is supposed to be the Ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian Pirate

This is not the first instance of Lunacy, and it will certainly not be the last. I am not shocked any longer when I see news like this come out. I mean there are all kinds of Lunatics out there. For instance: Woman Becomes ‘Engaged’ to Chandelier  – Italian woman marries herself in ‘fairy tale without prince’ (Homosexual Dennis Rodham did that too in 2006!) – Man marries his Dog – Man marries sex robot – Man had sex with 999 cars, settles down with VW – Woman marries a Train Station? – Woman falls in love with a poplar

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Demon Spirit manifests in Statue of Jesus during Mass in a Synagogue of Satan

Stupid Idol worshipers call it a miracle. The priest of the Mexican church has a little bit of sense and stated “the statue’s head collapsed as fur ropes holding it gave way” But thousand will flock to that demonic manifestation and worship it,  advancing their decline to Hell! The MIRROR – The moment a Jesus statue apparently moved its head during a Good Friday mass has been branded a “miracle.”